Tea helps relieve stress

Monotonous, calming actions absorb, and after a few minutes a person goes into himself and relaxes. This process is aimed at immersion in one’s feelings and emotions, it cleanses and overloads a person’s consciousness.

Every modern person is confirmed by stress and worries. Sometimes it’s difficult to swim out of the depths of problems, relax and meditate. Tea may come to your aid! But not just a slow drink of tea with cake, but a real Chinese tea ceremony. Do not be afraid of such a formidable name, in fact, anyone can hold a tea ceremony. Tea drinking is one of the ways to achieve inner harmony and to find your place in life.

here it tells how to enjoy the taste of the drink and achieve internal balance

Tea ceremony helps relieve stress


The whole atmosphere of the ceremony is set by the master. People experienced in this matter are calm and confident, their movements are soft and smooth.

The main goals of the action, as in meditation, are cleansing from negative emotions, stress and anxiety, establishing internal balance, as well as immersion in one’s thoughts and enlightenment.


If you are a beginner, pay attention to ready-made sets for the tea ceremony, then you do not have to search for each item separately. Be sure to specify what material the kettle and cups are made of. Better choose high-quality porcelain, as ceramics and clay retain their smell, and tea loses its true aroma.


Pure water plays one of the most important roles in tea drinking. Water should be free of impurities and odors, too soft does not fit either – it will not convey the whole bouquet of taste and aroma. The best option is spring mountain water, it gives the drink a special natural taste. To prepare the water, boil it in a separate vessel. Heating should be carried out once, repeated boiling makes the water softer and kills its living properties. The water temperature depends on the variety of tea you choose – from 75 to 100 degrees.

Tea ceremony procedure:

  1. Warm the teapot and cups by sprinkling them with boiling water, then dry them – the contained essential oils in the tea will evenly open and give the drink a rich taste and aroma.
  2. Be sure to first shake the tea leaves, and then pour a little into the teapot. The amount depends on the variety – usually it is one teaspoon per cup.
  3. Fill the teapot with one third, and then drain. This water cannot be drunk; it washes dust off tea.
  4. Pour water a second time until the lid and leave to brew for 2-10 minutes – depending on the type of tea.
  5. You will need two cups: high and the so-called lower. Pour tea into a high cup, and cover it with the bottom. Then carefully turn the cups over: the top is the aroma of the drink, and the bottom is the taste.

6. Now you can enjoy the taste of your favorite drink. Be sure to do it slowly, in small sips, inhaling the aroma of tea.


Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, otherwise it will irritate the walls of the stomach, it is best to drink tea separately, after a meal.

Tea cannot be boiled, otherwise it will lose its beneficial properties.

The ceremony should be attended by no more than 5 people, otherwise the intimacy of the moment will be lost

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