How to deal with age spots?

The culprit is melanin. He is not only responsible for a beautiful tan, but also insidiously reminds himself of local manifestations on the face and body.

A natural tan, a healthy looking face, a serving of vitamin D – for all this we are grateful to fly. No matter how much we are warned about the dangers of the sun, it is unlikely that anyone will refuse even to warm their nose on a cloudless day. Moreover, the summer this year is not hot, the rays are soft. However, along with the tan, pigmented spots also come out.

However, hyperpigmentation does not always occur only due to insolation.

There are several reasons for this visual flaw :

  • Abuse of the solarium, being in direct sunlight without special sunscreens.
  • Failure to follow the doctor’s recommendations after cosmetic procedures such as skin cleansing, deep and middle peels, laser resurfacing of the skin.
  • Acne
  • Hormonal disorders during pregnancy.
  • Adolescence and menopause.
  • Taking antibiotics and contraceptives.
  • Heredity.
  • Diseases of the liver and biliary tract.
  • Age 40+, as the older we get, the more vulnerable our skin is under the influence of sunlight.
What rules should be followed if your skin is prone to hyperpigmentation?

The first and most important rule is to use sunscreen at any time of the year. Regardless of whether there is sun in the sky or not. It is proved that up to 80% of UV rays are able to penetrate through the clouds and affect the skin. Sunscreens must be applied to the skin of the face both in winter and in the summer half an hour before going outside.

It is recommended to take measures to combat hyperpigmentation in the autumn-winter period, since in summer the risks of getting even more skin problems increase at times. On sunny days in the summer, people predisposed to hyperpigmentation are better off going out in hats so that the hat fields cover their faces from exposure to the sun.

What symptoms require medical advice?

The presence of at least one pigmented spot on the face is already a good reason to seek help from a specialist. Firstly, hyperpigmentation is caused, as a rule, by some internal problems of the body. No home whitening masks with lemon juice, any salon procedures, including laser resurfacing, will help you permanently get rid of hyperpigmentation if its cause lies in some kind of hormonal imbalance, chronic diseases or neglect of expert advice.

That is why a dermatologist-cosmetologist, before starting to treat you with age spots, will first reveal the root of evil – why did you have them.

Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Until today, most cosmetic procedures have only given a temporary effect. I had to be treated with courses and choose the procedures in the complex: peels, laser treatment, mesotherapy cocktails. All this required certain efforts, investments and, most importantly, absolutely did not guarantee that you would get rid of pigmentation once and for all. Currently, many issues in the treatment of hyperpigmentation have disappeared by themselves. It turned out that it is possible to remove age spots, and without any health risks and consequences.

This is made possible thanks to the Lumecca nozzle using innovative IPL technology. Lumecca allows you to completely forget about this aesthetic imperfection of the skin in 1-2 sessions.

During the session or immediately after it, the spot darkens, and after 2 weeks it exfoliates, and you forget about it forever. As if he was not there. Perhaps all this has become thanks to a combination of broadband spectrum and high peak power. During the procedure, the patient does not feel any discomfort, only small thermal impulses.

The procedure is performed without anesthesia, does not require a recovery period and is absolutely safe for all skin types and phototypes. Moreover, Lumecca is effective for photorejuvenation, getting rid of the vascular reticulum (rosacea), wrinkles, scars, acne and other visual imperfections of the skin.

Hyperpigmentation Prevention

When treating hyperpigmentation, one should not forget that this process should be complex, because the causes that cause it are, for the most part, internal and not external. Try not to expose your face to direct sunlight, regularly use bleaching agents that suppress the effects of melanocytes and a cream with UV protection. Remember: if you have problems with pigmentation, you should not focus on how to mask spots, but on a completely different point – how to get rid of them.

This can only be done in a complex: by visiting a specialist, identifying the cause of pigmentation and starting the treatment process. Today, hyperpigmentation treatment is gentle and includes not only special cosmetic procedures, but also the mandatory use of biological products that regulate the activity of melanocytes.

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