5 fashionable plastic surgeries

Can’t cope with age without cosmetologists. Alexander Vdovin – plastic surgeon, specialist in maxillofacial surgery – told here what problems patients are most often facing now


In the first place among the rejuvenation operations is blepharoplasty. Why? The omission of the upper eyelid is recognized as one of the first signs of age-related changes in the face. It is because of this that there is an overhang of the eyelid over the eye, the formation of so-called hoods, which give the look and the whole face an expression of fatigue.

Blepharoplasty helps to make the look more open, it can rejuvenate the face, and it is completely invisible to others. Surgery is performed using local anesthesia and takes less than an hour, explained Vdovin.


One of the most fashionable operations today, which is resorted to not only by age. A bisectomy helps to get rid of the round shape of the face, mark the cheekbones, make them contoured, and the oval of the face is beautiful. Cheekbones are the number 1 trend in modern aesthetic medicine. Lumps of Bisha is the fat located in the cheek area, where the cheekbones are located. No matter how you try to lose weight and exhaust yourself with fitness, because of Bish’s lumps, you will not be able to get rid of chubby cheeks, because the problem is not in excess weight.

In addition, lumps of Bisha are the main reason for the appearance of bryl and sagging tissues on the face. With age, when the muscle-aponeurotic framework weakens, fat in the cheek area begins to pull the tissue down, and thus signs of ptosis appear. You can remove lumps of Bish at any age (from 25 years old). This operation is often performed in conjunction with mucosal correction.


Another popular novelty among minimally invasive methods of rejuvenation, which deserves close attention to itself. Skin tightening – the procedure is quite complicated and traumatic. Radio-frequency lifting allows you to tighten the skin without surgical intervention. Plus, it eliminates age-related problems such as hyperpigmentation, rosacea, the presence of wrinkles, and post-acne.

The advantage of radio frequency facelift is that it does not affect facial expressions in any way, while it is able to really rejuvenate. Radio-frequency lifting is done on the Body Tite using a Fractora disposable bipolar nozzle, which can be applied to the skin on the face, as well as to the neck, zone, decollete, hands and even the eyelids.


Plastic surgeons today have many opportunities: they offer their patients not only operations, but also various methods of rejuvenation that do not require surgical intervention. Contouring or bio-reinforcement using injections with preparations based on hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, polylactic acid or thread lifting is especially popular both in our country and abroad.

Despite the difference in methods, the essence of the methodology remains the same – the creation of a framework that resists gravity and does not allow fabrics to sag. Threads for contour plastics are made from safe materials that have passed no testing: polypropylene, polylactic acid, caprolactone, polycaprolactone.


This operation is recognized today as one of the best methods of rejuvenation, as it completely eliminates serious risks for the patient (in particular, damage during trigeminal intervention). The tragus lift replaced the more dangerous circular face lift for the patient’s health.

Often, surgeons combine carrying out a trestle lift with other types of surgical interventions: temporal lifting, bisectomy, mucosal correction, in order to ultimately get the maximum rejuvenation result.

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