10 True Facts About The Libra Personality

Much like the other zodiac signs, Libra too has certain characteristics that are specific to just them. Below is a list of 10 such true facts that will help you know whether or not the person’s zodiac sign is a Libra.

“We must be courageous but also reasonable. The world admires us for walking a tightrope without falling off. It asks us to keep our balance” – Lech Walesa.

The seventh sign in the zodiac world is Libra. And a Libra personality is all about balance. The symbol of the Libra zodiac is a scale-symbolizing one’s constant desire to seek peace and harmony in life. If any part of life seems very chaotic and unstable, a Libra woman immediately figures out what must have gone wrong and fixes it asap.

They have a niche towards all things perfect and establish themselves in such a way that everyone around them respects them. So, if any of the abovementioned traits sounds like you, then you, my friend, should be delighted to call yourself a Libra!

1. They Have The Most Radiant Smile

When a Libra person breaks into a smile, the upward curve of their lips can literally light up a dark room (no exaggeration intended). And they use it as their advantage! Their smile or even their laugh is known to leave an impression on people who are fortunate enough to witness it.

Their charming trait ends up making even the sternest-faced man’s heart melt in a jiffy.

2. They Are Social

They love being a part of social gatherings – could be at a bar, theatre or even a park.

They indulge themselves in a lot of social activities and show concern towards the environment around. As much as they love advising, they are known to be good listeners as well.

3. Extremely Civilized And Refined

The communication skills of a Libra personality are excellent, but they also know how to utilize it in the most efficient manner. When they don’t agree to a certain point being put forth, they never react impulsively.

Instead, they understand and listen to what the other person has to say, thereby crafting rational arguments that are fair in nature. You can call them natural lawyers.

4. They Are The Most Sort After At Work

At work, you can consider them as natural organizers who can lead a team effortlessly. They follow the principles of self-disclosure. They receive strength and support through their relationships with others, both at work and at home.

And they are open to experimenting with relationships; they don’t idealize and be orthodox.

5. Intellectual Souls

Libra is strongly associated with the air element; they continuously strive to better themselves, especially with regards to the mind. They don’t like to operate in extremes or absolute environments.

They like breaking down the problem, rationalizing it and then reacting to it. So now you know why you never get immediate reactions from that Libran friend of yours!

6. Music Lovers By Heart

Call them a “musicophile” or a music maniac, they are bound to agree to it instantly. You’ll find them listening to all things retro and to any other track that is trending on everyone else’s playlists.

They love music and will continue to do so. They find solace in listening to music.

7. Their Emotions Are Very Transparent

Any emotion – sad, happy, or even frustration, it’s all so evident on their face. They never pretend to be okay with things when they aren’t. This makes them very approachable because you will be on the receiving ends of the most genuine answers.

And even if they insult, they make use of the nicest words, leaving you in a confused but happy state of mind.

8. They Have A Strong Intuitive Mind

All of us are blessed with intuition, but when God made the Libra personalities, they got an extra lining of it.

A Libran is always right about his/her intuition, it can never go wrong. So, when a Libran says something must be fishy, it almost equals to a whole sea full of fishes!

9. They Love Flirting

As much as they are considered to be social to a fault, they also indulge in healthy flirting.

They can never commit to a person and hence, the fondness of flirting – frankly, that’s just how they are! Flirting comes naturally to them, harmless flirting is in their blood.

10. They Are Romantic Beings Who Hate To Be Alone

Consider romance as the middle name of every Libran. They put their heart and soul into planning surprises to make their partners feel special. And it is understood that if you are a diehard romantic, your heart aches at the prospect of being left alone. It’s almost like finding yourself stuck in a pickle jar lying on a kitchen rack.

These were our discoveries about a Libran! Is there anything that you would want to add to our list? Leave your answers in the comments below.

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