A Letter To The Man I Have Been Waiting For

Have you met him yet? You know, the man you could call “forever mine”? If you have met him, then a warm hug from me to you (you’re one lucky woman, lady)!

And for those of you who haven’t bumped into your main man for life, yet, we’re all sailing on the same boat.

I know that at times, the search for him can take a toll on your mental and emotional state of being and ruin your peace of mind. How do I know it? Well, obviously, I’ve been there (in fact I’m still there. Lol)!

I’m currently in that phase of life where I receive more of e-invites of weddings of my friends and foes than the number of matches on dating apps. Every single time I log into my Facebook account, my wall is flooded with posts that read “engaged to” or “married to” and all those fancy albums of pre-wedding photo shoots that have become a rage these days.

There was a time when people opted for destination weddings; and now is a time where everyone is going ga-ga over destination photo shoots (rolls eyes). Enough reasons to feel even more miserable for not having found your “man for life” yet, right?

So here’s what I did to feel good:

I sat and wrote down a letter to him-the man I’m still waiting to bump into, the man with whom I’d sing and dance in the rain, the man with whom I’d want to spend the rest of my life with. And I cannot tell you how relieved I felt after penning down my thoughts. No wonder the wise always advised us to write down our thoughts. It’s the purest form of expression (well, conditions applied. For those of you who have a scribbly, wobbly writing, you might not want to, ha-ha).

“Hi there, my forever yet-to-be-found man! Do you realize you’ve been taking too long a time to come into my life? In the quest to find you, I’ve been jumping from one frog to another, kissing them, only to realize that they don’t turn into my prince charming. Waiting for you is taking a toll on me. But nonetheless, I haven’t lost faith. I know you will come around.

If you think I’m an angel and haven’t been with any other guy before, let me tell you that yes I definitely am an angel, but I have been in quite a good number of relationships. And when I tell you those stories, I’m sure you’ll scream, “What the hell were you thinking?”

Hey, but do you realize that you have a bonus here. Because, I’ve probably dated all kinds of guys, learned quite a good number of lessons from every single breakup, so I’m probably going to be patient with you and understand you (only when I’m convinced that you’re my man for life). I think I have an entire document in my head which I’d want to read out to you. Don’t worry! This isn’t any prenuptial agreement (winking at you). Just a small, calm ocean of my thoughts which I thought would be best to let you know about.

Firstly, I ain’t the type of girl who gets overwhelmed with expensive rings or gifts of those sorts. A simple warm hug whenever I meet you, maybe a little surprise peck on my cheek while we’re talking, or maybe a bunch of lilies that can switch my mood into a happy mood (get the hint, mister) is all I’d expect. I don’t want a partnership, I need a relationship, which means that I need your time the most (not a fixed meeting or an appointment).

I’m emotional with everything in my life, especially my food (call me an emotional foodie)! Whenever you find me cranky, emotional or just too annoying to handle, hand me a dark chocolate bar and you’ll find me looking at you with love and awe instantly. I could turn a bit of a loquacious lass when I’m upset, but that’s advantageous too- you’ll find me going all romantic and trying to make my upset man smiling again (winks naughty).

Secondly, I’ll have your back, baby! I’ll be your cheerleader (a solo cheerleader, don’t expect a girl gang now). I’m going to be this proud partner, appreciating and applauding all your accomplishments. And I’ll be a supportive shoulder that you can rest on every time you screw up things in life. Good or bad times, we both are in this together and forever.

Finally, I’m not going to promise you the best of everything, I know we both will never be perfect. We both will help each other better our imperfections. I want some badass fights and all the impeccable love too. Because, otherwise, there will be no fun, right? Our relationship will never be boring that way. I want to travel the world with you.

Love me, tease me, annoy me, caress me-for I’m all yours. (But, you mess with me, and you’ll wish that you had never met me.)

I’m patiently waiting for the day when our paths will cross. I’ve made best friends with the universe so that we both would get the best signals to know if we’re meant for each other. Until then, I’m going to continue to wait for you- my future-happily-ever-after.”

With Love,

Your future-happily-ever-after.

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