How my rude room mate became my best friend

On my friend’s recommendation, I’d booked an apartment on a sharing basis on. She’d said that it was in close proximity to everything I loved- the malls, the parks, the street foods, etc.

Have you ever wandered out into a city to live all by yourself? Well, I did, and I was 22 years old back then. I remember the day, the time, and everything else when I first stepped my foot in the city of Bengaluru.

It was my first time moving out of the house, saying goodbye to the cozy corners of my room.

My Thoughts About The New Life

The apartment was beautiful. It had a pretty view too. But what worried me was sharing a room with someone else. I belong to a nuclear family and I’ve never even found the need to share anything of mine as I am the only child to my parents (now I hear you whisper “lucky you”). Now, here, I was in a place where I had to share my home with a random stranger, a girl I hadn’t even met before. And I had no idea what to expect of my roommate. Would we even have any similarities or not? No idea!

She wasn’t there. Later, the owner informed me that she had gone to her home for a week. That bought a sense of relief in my head which instantly became a nightmare to me- how on earth would I manage alone?

The first two days were chaotic. I couldn’t keep up with all the household chores as it was my first time doing it. The house did get messy because of me, I admit. Third day onwards when I started to go to work, it became a little easier; by easier I mean I was so tired that I couldn’t see the mess, the only thing my eyes could see was my bed that just kept saying, “Come to me”.
The Roomie Encounter

She was coming tomorrow! I had butterflies in my stomach. I don’t think I’ll ever be this excited even for a date with a hot guy. I was so excited to see my roommate. I made it a point to get back home early from work the previous night to clean up the house. Yes, you heard it right! I call it my house now, not an apartment anymore. I even added some personal touch by bringing in some lilies, changed the colors of the curtains, etc.

The next morning I heard the door open. She was here! I almost jumped out of my bed, excited to greet her when she entered our room. But, I stopped myself when she said, “That’s my bed!” I’m pretty sure she hated me for hijacking her bed, even I would if I were in her place is what I thought in my head, but she was rude, right? She didn’t even greet me! (Grumpy face)

Oh, and I found out that her name was Anjali. And also, she was way prettier than I had expected her to be. (But that doesn’t give her the right to be rude, right?)

From Roomie To Becoming My Best friend

I felt guilty of taking over her bed. I decided to make up for it and break the ice by starting a conversation. From all the little bits of information that she dispatched, I found out that she hailed from Chennai and just like me, it was her first time away from home as well. She didn’t seem very interested in my conversations with her. After half an hour’s time, she plainly uttered: “I’m off to sleep, good night, Shivani”. I said a good night and went into my own zone thinking about whether or not I’ll find my kind of ‘hooman’ here in Bengaluru.

I woke up late the next day ( I slept in the wee hours, around 3 am). She had left, and I was glad. No awkward scenes were going to happen now. I brushed my teeth and went to the kitchen to grab some coffee. I was overwhelmed to see a breakfast plate ready for me with a note that read “Good morning Shivani. Have a great day!”

I had this big smile upon seeing it. My roomie isn’t that rude after all I thought. The breakfast was yummy, some bread toasts with a nice fluffy omelet. “Never judge a person from the very first encounter” is what I stamped in my head that very moment.

As days passed by, my bond with her grew stronger. We were very much glued together. We explored the city every weekend. We made a nice group of friends and enjoyed our time away from home. She was the responsible one among the two of us. And I was the more “fun to be with” among us.

Little did I know that we were making memories back then. And our friendship is 7 years strong now. I was her bridesmaid at her wedding. We were just meant to be, meant to be best friends forever.

Do you have a roomie story like mine? Write it down in the comments below.

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