What does a person’s lungs look like after 30 years of smoking

They were admitted to the hospital by a 52-year-old man, who soon died. He was listed as an organ donor, so he was sent for surgery without long tests.

But, as soon as the doctors pulled out the lungs and examined them, they realized that they would have to refuse this donor. His lungs were in a condition in which they could not help anyone.

People who smoke are twice as likely to suffer from a heart attack and are 30 times more likely to suffer from lung cancer compared to non-smokers. However, anyone who has struggled with addiction knows how damn difficult it is to quit smoking. Well, I hope this example will force you to reconsider your lifestyle.

After such shots, jokes about the “Ministry of Health warns” and scary pictures on packs immediately lose their appeal. After all, it is one thing to imagine something indefinite, and another to see direct evidence of how cigarettes kill the body.

A video of Chinese doctors examining the lungs of a deceased patient began to spread on the web with incredible speed. Dr. Chen Jingyu of Jiangsu Province, who performed the operation, told the story behind this video.

“Do not get us wrong, we in China love to smoke, so lungs with some degree of damage are also suitable for transplantation. But this case was too neglected. ”

It turned out that an unnamed man smoked for 30 years. With this bad habit, he earned himself emphysema, bullous disease, and lung calcification. But the whole tragedy of the situation is not that this man could not help a transplant who needs it, but that such a condition of the lungs is typical of any smoker who uses tobacco.

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