Pomegranate Peel Does Wonders

Do you throw away pomegranate peels, too? Well, we used to do the same too. Only until we stumbled upon its healthy benefits. Fruits have always been known for its rich source of vitamins and nutrients that benefit the body and mind.

Similarly, pomegranate is one such fruit which according to us can be called as the heavenly abode of fruits.

Oftentimes, we consume only the juicy pomegranate arils and throw away the skin. But it has been found that the peel has much more of the powerful antioxidants than the pulp itself. And we’ll also tell you why.

What Does The Pomegranate Skin Contain?
  • The skin of pomegranate comes packed with antioxidants like flavonoids, known as proanthocyanidins, and even some non-flavonoids like vitamin C and E. These help in reducing the wrinkles and droopiness. It even purifies the blood which thereby prevents any breakouts on the skin, and improves the skin’s overall health by nourishing it.
  • The fruit pulp (the arils), as well as the peel, come with skin lightening compounds that help to lighten the skin naturally.
  • The peel also does the work of a sunscreen. Yes, it has the capability of blocking the sun quite well which is very impressive, isn’t it? You have a natural sun savior now.

Now, the pomegranate peel helps to improve not just our health, but also our hair and skin’s health too. And we know that the peel doesn’t taste like arils; so, you’re thinking how on earth can we use them on our hair, skin or for consumption, right? We’ve got all your answers right here. Let’s read together.

1. Fights Pimples, Acne, And Rashes

The healing properties of pomegranate peel help to fight all these three problems in the most effective manner. The peels of this fruit contain rich antioxidants that help to keep all the bacteria (and anything that develops an infection on the skin) at bay.

Use It Like This: Sun dry the pomegranate peels or dry roast them on a heated pan. Once they have cooled down, run it in a mixer to get smooth powder. Mix it with lime juice (you could even use rose water). Now apply this paste on your face (concentrate more on the areas where there is acne or skin rashes). Once the paste has dried on the face, wash it with lukewarm water.

2. Prevents Wrinkles, Any Aging Signs

The peels of pomegranate have properties that prevent any break down of the collagen in our skin. Therefore, cell growth is more and as a result of this, there wouldn’t be any signs of wrinkles.

Use It Like This: Take two spoons of the sun-dried, powdered pomegranate peel. Add in some milk (or rose water if you have an oily skin) to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your face and let it sit till it’s dried out. Wash your face with some lukewarm water and continue this twice or thrice a week to see results.

3. A Cure For Sore Throat

Who likes to suffer from a sore throat? It makes it impossible for us to eat and drink what we love. But, the next time you’re down with a sore throat, just get your hands on some pomegranate peels to soothe your throat.

Use It Like This: You don’t have to be a cook for this. Just boil some sun-dried pomegranate peels in water. Strain the concoction and gargle with it. This will give you a relief from the throat pain.

4. Protector Against Heart Diseases

The peels have antioxidants that help battle crucial ailments like heart diseases as well. It nurtures our heart health by reducing the cholesterol levels and also the stress.

Use It Like This: Make it a habit to drink not just warm water, but add a teaspoon full of pomegranate peel powder to it. Mix it well and gulp it down. And watch your heart’s health improve without any stress. However, just the drink ain’t of any help. You need to follow a good exercise regime and a healthy diet alongside.

5. Preventer Of Hair Loss And Dandruff

It’s not just the skin that can reap the benefits, even our hair can reap all the goodness from these peels. The peels have properties that can get rid of dandruff and boost hair growth, thereby preventing any hair fall.

Use It Like This: Mix powdered pomegranate peel with some hair oil. Apply this mixture to the roots of your hair (that’s where the problems lie) and massage your head thoroughly. After two hours, wash your hair with a very mild shampoo.

Quick Guide To Make Pomegranate Powder
  • Take 2-3 pomegranates; remove the seeds and separate the peel.
  • Cut the peels into halves or quarters.
  • If you plan on using the peel for therapeutic purposes, then use a knife to remove the yellow layer of the peel just beneath the red skin. Otherwise, the yellow part tends to turn bitter once sun-dried. If you are applying the peel to your skin, you don’t have to remove it.
  • Sun-dry the peels till all the moisture is gone.
  • Next step would be to dump all the peels in a clean mixer jar and grind them to a fine powder.
  • Store it in an airtight container and use when required.

So, the next time you’re eating a pomegranate, you definitely know that you shouldn’t throw away the peels. Everything that our mother nature provides us with, has benefits. We just need to educate ourselves about it. Let’s make the best use of them.

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