Never Sacrifice These 6 Things For Your Partner

Love has no boundaries. But that doesn’t mean you let that love eat into your personality. Because these are the things that define you. Never let go of the things that mark your individuality, no matter how much the other person wants you to.

After all, a person who loves and values you will never want you to change what you love about yourself the most. Having said this, let’s take a look at the signature things that you should never sacrifice for your partner or your relationship.

Often times, we catch ourselves trying to please our partner more than loving them. We tend to forget that a relationship is supposed to help us become a better person and not overshadow our personality.

We agree that making compromises is essential to make a relationship work, but your relationship itself shouldn’t be a compromise. Like how it takes two to tango, it takes the efforts of two individuals to make a relationship work. But always make sure that you never have to give up too much of yourself for it to work (because you can’t work on something that doesn’t exist). Always stand your ground and maintain your original personality. Respect each other’s differences as much as you adore your common interests.

1. Your Other Relationships

Just the two of you can complete a relationship for sure, but you two alone aren’t enough for a happy social life. Your other relationships (parents, brothers, sisters, cousins, BFFs, that college group of friends) matter too.

And if your partner isn’t able to respect the bond you share with others, how on earth will your partner respect you? The start of a new relationship shouldn’t mark the end of your older relationships that matter to you (unless it’s a toxic relationship). Never let your partner stop you from maintaining ties with your loved ones. If you are ever stopped from doing so, then reconsider the viability of the relationship you are in. A happy couple will always be open to the idea of meeting and greeting friends and family.

2. Your Dreams And Your Career Goals

Unconditional support makes a huge impact on our lives, especially when it’s in regard to our dreams and our career. Never stop yourself from dreaming. Chasing a dream is what keeps you on your toes in life; it makes your life worth living. If you find yourself with a partner who doesn’t let you plan your career according to your preferences or never lets you fulfill your dream, you’re blooming in the wrong flower pot, my friend. If the pot is trying to restrict your growth, you will perish.

Neither of the individuals in a relationship should have to compromise on their career goals. They need to sit down and work it out if either of them thinks that the career could be a roadblock in their relationship.

3. Your Personality

Each one of us has unique traits, some of which we are born with while some are acquired and developed through experiences and efforts. And changing your personality is like changing the core part of your soul. Never budge when your partner asks you to become someone else.

Of course, changing your bad habits into good habits can be an exception. But, changing what you really are is a big no-no. If your partner is apprehensive about your personality then make him/her fall in love with your uniqueness.

4. Your Fun Together

People define relationships as sugar-coated but very stressful bonds. And those who are in a relationship will tell you what exactly relationships are about. Every relationship has its share of ups and downs. There are times of distress, but there are times of fun too.

The trick is to discover common interests with your partner and engage in activities that seem to be fun for both of you. Don’t compromise on the fun part in a relationship. If you do so, your relationship will be more like a boat ride down the lazy river.

5. Your Beliefs

We all strongly believe in certain things. It’s these beliefs that keep us sane in our life. It could be silly or a little precarious, whatever might be the nature of it, we love following it with all our heart. And yes, it’s not necessary for your partner to believe in them too. But, s/he should never stop you from believing in them anymore. It isn’t right to make a dent in a person’s belief system. Beliefs and ideologies are something that makes a man what he is. What you could do is refrain from having a discussion about it with your partner. This will ensure peace in both of your heads.

6. Your Happiness

At the end of the day, it’s all about being happy in our little world, right? Never jeopardize your happiness for another. Also, never ask your partner to do things that make them unhappy. Find a middle road that leads to a happy place you both can dwell in. Never put your happiness down, as with time, all that would really matter is if you’re happy where you are. Everyone deserves to be happy!

There is no guarantee that your relationship is going to work out well and last forever. Nothing is certain in life, right? Then why change the things that are the only certainty in your life. Efforts that go into a relationship need to lead to mutual happiness and love. If you forget yourself in a relationship, you know that’s a red flag right there. So, don’t lock yourself up in a memory drawer, let your partner love you and your choices. Stay original, because OG is the best!

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