How to use thermal water

Thermal water is natural water from a mineral spring in the mountains. It is saturated with a large number of trace elements that are in the rocks of a particular area.

Such water lies at great depths, so it is cleaner than artesian and mineral. There is thermal water for drinking and skin care. Water for care is poured into spray cans with a finely divided spray.

Thanks to the natural mineral composition, thermal water soothes and softens the skin, relieves irritation and itching. Thermal water can be used to care for any type of skin.

People with dry skin, prone to irritation, it is better to use water with low salinity, those who have oily skin – highly mineralized. The type of skin for which a particular water is suitable is usually indicated on the package.

How to use thermal water

In conjunction with the care

Thermal water helps the active components of cosmetics to penetrate the skin better. Therefore, it can be used after cleansing and before applying cream or serum.

Enhance the effect of the mask

To do this, spray water on top of the mask and dab the residue with a napkin.

Relieve irritation

After applying a tattoo, hair removal, shaving, thermal water temporarily relieves irritation (if discomfort persists, contact a specialist). With a sunburn, thermal water will quickly cool, soothe, relieve a burning sensation and help the skin recover faster.

Fix makeup

Throughout the day, sebum is mixed with a foundation, which is why makeup “flows”. Thermal water tightens pores and fixes makeup. To do this, spray water over the finished make-up.

Make makeup natural

Spray water over makeup or moisten a beauty blender with it before applying foundation. In the latter case, the cream will not spread during application and makeup will be better.

Freshen up while playing sports

No training is complete without washing with tap water. If after that you feel the tightness of the skin, keep a spray of thermal water on hand.

How to not use thermal water
Replace it with a moisturizer

Thermal water has a moisturizing effect, but does not replace the cream. The composition of moisturizing creams includes hydro-fixative substances that hold water in the skin, “conductors” that accelerate its penetration into the skin, and components that prevent the evaporation of water from the skin. In thermal water, all this is not, therefore, it quickly evaporates from the surface of the skin.

Sanitize wounds

To treat damage to the skin, it is necessary to use antiseptic solutions that destroy pathogenic microflora. Thermal water does not have this effect.

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