Mistakes You Make When Practicing Yoga

Yoga is a relaxation, which, paradoxically as it sounds, requires hard work and constant improvement of technology. Although teachers insist that all individually and asanas must be performed as you feel and how you can, there are certain rules that must be adhered to. But many forget about them – these are the five mistakes that we make most often.

I am sure that even the smallest nuances (both physical and moral) of performing asanas affect the final result. Your desire to imitate and inability to feel the body can spoil the effect of even the most sophisticated technique and negate the months (or even years) of practice.

For example, you feel that you have stretched enough to master Upavishtha Konasana (leaning forward sitting with legs wide apart). But it turns out that no! Trying to repeat after the teacher, you try too hard, stretch your ligaments and then for a few more months you can’t perform even the slightest slope.

To prevent this from happening to you, stop making these five mistakes while practicing yoga!

  • Mistakes in Yoga: Endure Discomfort in Asana

Any asana is, first of all, about relaxation. If you feel that it hurts you, make a light version or get out of the asana altogether. Health and your comfort – first of all! In addition, if you damage your ligaments, you are unlikely to do better.

  • Mistakes in yoga: distracted by extraneous thoughts thoughts

… about buns, past or problems at work. All that you need to concentrate on during your practice is your own breathing and how you feel in a particular asana.

  • Mistakes in Yoga: Thinking Home Practice Is Enough

A lesson with a teacher (in a group or individually) will allow you to look at yoga from a completely different angle. You will receive such a powerful energy charge, you will learn so many new things that you just can’t do it later (and you don’t want to). A good teacher will help to adjust the technique and share the very best secrets of practice.

  • Mistakes in Yoga: Trying to Become a Vegetarian 

For yoga, this is by no means a prerequisite! Eating or not eating meat is your personal choice and desire. The only thing, yoga recommends before the practice itself not to fill the stomach – so that there are no problems with performing inverted asanas and asanas on balance.

  • Mistakes in Yoga: Striving for the Ideal

Otherwise, you can repeat the error number 1! Perform asanas according to the capabilities of your body – no more, no less. Yoga is not about achievement, but about knowing yourself. Do not forget about it!

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