After crying headache causes

Headache appears for a variety of reasons, which can be difficult to understand that in the specific case of provoked her. People used to justify the symptom of external factors that negatively impact on health.

Some explain their condition the weather, others think that all due to stress. There are those who wonder why after crying headache. Similar symptoms can often be observed after the tears, while it appears for different reasons.

It should be noted that if the head has not been completed within 10-15 minutes, then there is reason to wonder about the presence of pathologies.


Tears are a protective system of the body from the accumulated negative emotions. The crying helps to prevent more serious consequences, which appear in the absence of discharge. That’s why people are advised not to keep their emotions in check if you do not want to worsen your health.

If, after the tears came the headache, then associate it with the following situations:

  1. Muscle spasm. Because of him the oxygen penetrates poorly into tissue, and a person can suffer from discomfort in the head. Usually enough to calm down, and negative feelings will disappear quickly.
  2. The release of adrenaline into the bloodstream. If a person experiences negative emotions, then he can deal with this phenomenon. Adrenaline leads to the fact that significantly quickens the pulse, it is able to increase the pain in the head.
  3. Narrowing of the vessels. Such causes increased blood pressure, and oxygen starvation of the brain. If the negative aspect does not go away on their own, then it is extremely important to take care to get rid of it.
  4. The body loses needed fluids. It causes dehydration and disturbed electrolyte balance. As a result, you may experience considerable discomfort in the skull.

Once the body will get discharge after experiencing stress, it will self-recover their processes. Thus, when a person has serious heart problems and blood vessels, then the discomfort can last. In order to get rid of them, you need to take certain measures. Some will be enough to relax, the other can not do without pills.

Sometimes a person may be interested in how it is manifested vasospasm. Of course, the specific symptoms vary, but can be called most common symptoms. First and foremost, there is a pallor of the skin, which is not peculiar to humans. May also increase sweating despite the fact that indoors or on the street not hot. May experience intense dizziness and nausea, and even vomiting. Often patients complain of deteriorating health, fatigue, and memory problems.

In order to detect abnormalities in the body, the person often sent for diagnosis. For example, you may need to undergo ultrasound examination of the vascular system. Often you need to perform an MRI because this examination is considered to be informative and allows you to learn a lot about the state of the brain. When osteoarthritis is suspected, the person is sent for x-rays.

Do not ignore the warning signs, because they can lead to negative consequences. For example, it may be a hemorrhagic stroke or an aneurysm. To avoid such complications will allow for proper treatment and healthy lifestyle without the frequent stress.

First aid

If the person notes that a headache after the tears, it is important to take timely action. They will help to recover faster and avoid complications. It is helpful to understand what to do with the cephalalgia caused by crying.

First of all, you need to drink a glass of clean water. They will beneficially impact the body, will help to calm the mind and relieve dehydration. That is why the man who had just survived the stress, it is recommended mineral water. By the way, is useful not only to drink the liquid inside, but to wash it. Especially good effect on the face with cold water, because it relieves edema and improves the overall health.

Some citizens very good head massage. You can make it yourself without special training, because there is nothing complicated. You will need to massage whisky, frontal area and neck. This will not only faster to calm down, but will also improve the health of the person.

Receive antispasmodics. These agents are effective for headache, which is triggered by a spasm of blood vessels. In this situation, the unpleasant symptom is stronger and brings a lot of discomfort. Of the most popular drugs you can highlight Nospanum and Drotaverine. They will act within half an hour after the person consumed.

Some people need to use such medicines that dilate the blood vessels. They include Aspirin, Motherwort, and Valerian. It should be understood that these tools not only relieve cephalgia, but normalize a nervous condition. This is particularly important for the situation, when after crying in a human headache.

There are those patients who say that they work well with meditation. The advantage of this technique is that it allows you to restore the nervous system and to normalize the condition of the body. The person recommended to retire and spend time in silence. At the same time he should not think about the problem, especially the one that led to crying. It will be enough for 5-10 minutes in order to see how improved health.

If it is to continue to have a headache, separately may be advisable to get some fresh air or ventilate the room. This will allow the brain to get enough oxygen, which will improve the overall health. Importantly, when you walk to not walk in polluted streets, and to visit at least the Park. Should be enough clean air in order to bring the body back to normal.

The best help comprehensive measures, because they quickly relieve a person from headaches. For example, you can ventilate the room, drink antispasmodic, and make a head massage. While you should definitely relax and possibly sleep to recover quickly. In the future we should try less nervous, so you do not have to suffer from headaches. If unpleasant symptom occurs not only because of the crying, when it is permanent, then you should visit a doctor.

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