Headache when standing up causes

Causes of headache are often incomprehensible to the people themselves. The unpleasant symptom often appears in the extreme fatigue, stress and weather changes.

While sometimes a person can complain to the doctor the next: a headache when I get up. In this case, too, has its reasons, which lead to a similar symptom. Another question, what can be linked unpleasant feeling, and how dangerous it is.

A simple answer can only by a doctor after the diagnosis. At home, you can just see the possible causes.

Characteristic headache

Many people have unpleasant sensations in the head are accompanied by other negative symptoms. They need to remember, because they can indicate a specific pathology. When access to a doctor necessarily have to describe all the characteristics that were observed for headache. The clearer people will outline the clinical picture, the easier it will be to diagnose.

Mainly migraine may occur in the morning, after a man gets out of bed. This may experience feelings of fear due to the fact that the pain is accompanied by violation of the emotional state. After a sharp rise can darken in the eyes, while the man is dizzy. Usually this symptom indicates a problem with the circulation in the optic nerve. There is a possibility of deterioration of vision, therefore, should immediately contact the doctor.

If a person will get up and experience the intense headache, then you should immediately go to the hospital. Because this manifestation may indicate that there are problems with the blood vessels. If they are not treated, they can lead to serious complications, primarily affecting the brain.

It happens sometimes that a person suddenly changes position, which feels the pulsation in the head. Also may be a slight dizziness, which passes quickly. Extremely harmful to just stand up after a long sleep, because the vessels and heart can not immediately return to full work. In the worst cases, a person may even start to feel nauseous with a sharp rise.

It should be understood that in the absence of disease the head will not be ill constantly. If a person will get up, and every time you experience this symptom, then do not delay and wait until all by itself will improve. There are many serious pathologies, which manifest themselves in this way. At home you diagnose it will fail and even more fail to choose the right treatment.


If a person when standing up pain in the head, then one should not exclude the possibility of pathology. For reference, we can consider a sample list of diseases, of course, only focus on the symptoms for diagnosis is not enough.

What about the variance tells headache:

  1. Anemia. If a person is lacking iron, then you often will feel dizzy in the occiput. However, even a small deviation from the norm can occur the event.
  2. Heart disease. This is one of the quite common causes that leads to pain in the temples and dizziness when changing position. It is essential to check this on, because his illness can even lead to death.
  3. Pathology of the thyroid gland. In this case, there is intense release of adrenaline in the blood, which leads to excessive activation of the vascular system. Can occur oxygen starvation, which then will be a headache. The migraine is not the worst thing that happens due to this phenomenon. Oxygen starvation in General is dangerous for health, so it should be prevented.
  4. Problems with the vestibular apparatus. This variant is quite rare, but still possible. As a rule, deviations may provoke severe stress, depression and insomnia.
  5. Copious bleeding. It is quite possible that it provoked painful sensations in the head. The bleeding could be triggered by profuse menstruation, childbirth, surgery, injury and other factors. In such a situation there are often problems with the blood supply to the brain.

It is understood that if the symptom occurs once, then there are no special reasons for feelings. Another thing, if the head starts to hurt on a regular basis. In this case it is important to take certain measures to improve the situation. If this is not done, then existing condition will be launched, which will lead to various complications.


Of course, before treatment is extremely important to get professional diagnosis. With its help, will be able to find out exactly what you have to deal with. Not worth it to make their own medicines, because they may be ineffective. The course of treatment must be assigned depending on the situation. For example, the doctor may refer the patient for MRI and CT. These studies are quite informative and reveal many diseases of the brain. Also often prescribe x-rays, it is particularly useful in the case of head injuries.

The results of the survey it will be possible to say exactly what to do.

It is possible to give General recommendations about the methods of treatment:

  1. Special massage. Treatment will improve blood flow to some areas and fix the problem.
  2. Aromatherapy. It is effective in cases when there is a voltage of vessels. The procedure uses a special oil.
  3. The rejection of bad habits. Some people just Smoking and addiction to alcohol cause headache. It is also important to abandon harmful beverages such as coffee and strong tea.
  4. Walking in the fresh air. They are especially useful in between work. First, they will be able to relieve stress. Secondly, it will be possible to saturate the oxygen to the brain.

If you have a severe diseases will start their treatment. Specific methods will depend on what the diagnosis was. In particular, we can suspect the pathology in those situations when a person leads a healthy lifestyle, but the headache persists. In this case, it will only be checked by a doctor, so he could definitely say what I have to deal with. About your health you need to carefully care, because most diseases are treatable only in the early stages.

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