Headache after coffee causes

Coffee is a stimulating drink that gives people courage. This drink does not leave you indifferent. But often what happens is that after coffee, headache. This condition is due to the impact on the human body the main component.

Causes of headache

Headache from coffee can for a variety of reasons. Patients noted occasional or periodic symptom.

The reasons are:

  1. The change in blood pressure. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, whose action is directed at improving blood pressure. When drinking in patients diagnosed with the development of migraine. In the use of caffeine there is the appearance of vasospasm and poor circulation. This leads to dizziness and weakness.
  2. Common fatigue. Patients headache from coffee, if they work for a long time, often get tired and as a tonic drink using coffee. This drink leads to an increased heart rate, wakefulness and tidal forces. At the end of the coffee increased fatigue, as the body is actively used reserves that are left. Patients diagnosed with highly severe headache.
  3. Overdose. The head could hurt an excessive amount of caffeinated drink. Patients diagnosed palpitations, rush of blood. Patients complain of nausea and vomiting. An excessive amount of coffee can lead to pain in the stomach, upset his chair.
  4. Drink the overly sweet drink. If drinking is on the increase in blood sugar. While there is an active work of all organs, leading to overexertion of the body. After half an hour after 1 Cup of coffee there is pain in the head.

Headache after coffee affects patients for a variety of reasons, which are explained by the effects of drink on the human body.

The effect of the drink

When coffee consumption is observed stimulation of the cardiovascular system, due to the release of adrenaline in large quantity. With an increase in blood pressure in a patient has a headache. Caffeine can lead to heart attack or stroke under the condition of use drink for people with diseases of the heart and blood vessels.

In the period of drinking coffee there is a stimulating work of the pituitary gland, which regulates the stimulation of other glands and secretions. Because they affect the adrenal glands is the production of adrenaline. Patients are diagnosed a change in the state menstrualnyh vessels. By drinking coffee people pupils dilate, breathing quickens, and heart rate.

When the negative effects of coffee on body most people abruptly refuses to drink. This causes a lot of problems. This condition is due to the addiction to caffeine and the occurrence of the syndrome after refusal of the drink. Experts suggest the phasing out of coffee. If you abruptly abandon it, it will lead to a strong and intense headache.

In the coffee contains nutrients and amino acids that provides the strength of the drink. It includes Niacin, caffeine and alkaloids. If you exceed the dosage coffee, it will lead to the development of symptoms. Experts advise to replace natural instant coffee counterpart. But, it is characterized by the absence of useful action. If you drink two cups of instant coffee in a short period of time, it will lead to headaches.

Features of treatment

Treatment of headache after the coffee is carried out using various means. Patients were recommended to take analgesic drugs and antispasmodics.

To stop headache recommended:

  • The tablets;
  • Analgin;
  • Paracetamol.

To combat the symptom after coffee man recommended to sleep for several hours. Thanks to the rest of the body, to eliminate fatigue will return to normal condition of the patient.

When you experience of headache, the patient is recommended to drink a Cup of mint tea. In the absence of a mint drink is recommended to replace the glass of warm water. When fluid intake is rapid flow in the vessels that provide their cleansing and improvement of health. If the headache occurs on the background of increase of arterial pressure, it is recommended to conduct a massage.

With headaches recommended for active games in the fresh air. Thanks to the oxygen provided by the removal of spasm of the blood vessels, and eliminate toxins. If immediately after drinking coffee begins to feel dizzy, then the person is recommended to ensure the flow of fresh air in the room. If there is a tie or a tight belt, they need to weaken that will positively affect the breathing process. It is strictly prohibited sharp movement and physical activity. If possible, it is recommended to lie down.

Frequent headaches after coffee the patient was recommended to be phased out consumption of this drink.

Prevention of headache

To avoid headache proactively. It lies in the proper selection and use of invigorating drink. Patients are encouraged to drink coffee with milk. This will reduce the concentration of caffeine in the drink.

Patients are recommended to drink instant coffee despite the lack of nutrients in it. By drinking such a refreshing beverage recommended to ensure that the dose was minimal. There is a unique alternative natural coffee – decaf drink. It is characterized by the presence of a minimum number of caffeine in their composition, which leads to a reduction of unwanted effects.

If you appreciate the taste, it is difficult to distinguish from natural coffee, especially if consumed with milk. High blood pressure recommended the use of chicory. It is a safe beverage that tastes identical to natural coffee. When drinking it eliminates the possibility of headaches and other undesirable effects.

Coffee is a universal tonic, which is used by individuals to tidal forces and energies. If taken incorrectly or in the period of occurrence in the body of certain diseases, it will cause a headache. When symptoms occur, it is necessary to conduct the treatment by using traditional medicine or traditional drugs. To avoid headaches you need to prefer drinks without caffeine.

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