What if you have all the signs of an autumn melancholy?

The discrepancy between desires and the surrounding reality gives rise to painful thoughts and a bad mood. What to do if in the autumn morning you do not want to stick your nose out from under the blanket, and in the autumn evening there is no desire to see someone, the correspondent of SE explained.

Contrary to the enthusiastic reviews of the classics, “the lush nature wilt” admires not all. Gloomy unfriendly skies, shallow rain and bare trees willy-nilly evoke memories of sunny summer and lush vegetation.

As for short days, long nights and falling asleep during the autumn-winter period, we were warned in primary school. Natural changes cause the human body to rebuild – you can notice a changeable mood, weight gain, excessive fatigue, or a frequent desire to take a nap. It was at this time, according to observations of psychologists, many people are ready to literally hibernate and not leave it until the very spring.

According to a survey conducted at SHE, almost 40% of our readers in the autumn yearn for the summer and are in a gloomy mood. 

Can I?

According to Tatiana Koroleva, the psychotherapist of the Insight clinic, there is a so-called depressive triad – signs that you can understand that your mental state is not in order: “This is a low mood, a lack of energy, a lack of energy and a loss of interests that used to be brought pleasure. ” Do not rush to puzzle your family if these symptoms occur within 2-3 days – you can talk about depression if the symptoms spoil your life for two or more weeks.

In addition to the main triad, there are other signs of depression:

  • Changing appetite – for autumn depression, it is usually the increase – as a rule, preference is given to sweet and flour products.
  • Sleep disorders – poor sleep or awakening or increased drowsiness.
  • Somatic symptoms – headaches, chondrozoid pains, gastrointestinal disturbances.
  • Changes in mood – the frequent occurrence of sadness, dissatisfaction, despair for no apparent reason, lack of desire to communicate with friends and family.
  • Lack of strength – reduced efficiency, lethargy, excessive fatigue.
Who is suffering?

According to foreign studies, weak sex is most susceptible to autumn depression: 75-80% of sufferers are women. At the same time, the psychologist, the psychotherapist of the European registry, Alexander Zhukov, notes that, despite the great sensitivity of the female nature, she has a greater ability to verbalize her emotions; therefore, such experiences for the woman are natural: “Men are more thick-skinned, they may not notice changes and not have the ability to voice them – in men is more difficult with verbalization. ”

In this case, the man becomes excessively irritable, begins to abuse psychoactive substances (alcohol, cigarettes). The woman is more characterized by tearfulness, touchiness and talkativeness, the main theme of the conversation is “how terrible to live” and the nagging associated with it.

A person with experience

Although some are covered by the autumn depression as an opportunity to give themselves to be too lazy, the effect of seasonality does exist. “The autumn melancholy is connected first of all with the fact that the organism is reconstructed for winter time, for a certain winter food,” explains Alexander Zhukov.

“Colds come, there is not enough light, and during the adjustment of the organism various failures of normal or normal functioning of vital activity occur.” In addition, according to Tatyana Koroleva, due to the lack of sunlight, the person produces less endorphins of joy (serotonin, noradrenaline and dopamine) – substances that provide us with a good mood and motivation for life. Of course, all these factors, gathering in a heap, deprive the spirit of cheerfulness and joyful perception of reality.

However, there is another purely psychological factor, which has nothing to do with wet weather, but explains why not everyone reacts so painfully to the arrival of autumn. According to Tatyana Koroleva, a person suffering from autumnal depression has a memory in the memory of a negative episode:

“Something sad happened in his life in late summer or early autumn: parting with a loved one, the loss of a loved one – something, which greatly affected his life. 

This event so traumatized a person that with the arrival of the autumn he already has a wait for negative. ” So our psyche is arranged, that if we are afraid of something, then we automatically adjust to this situation.

5 ways to fight

If the seasonal depression has not yet overtaken you, but you know that such a probability is high, you can prepare in advance. “If a person does not know what to do, you need to change something in life, make something joyful in it,” Tatyana Koroleva recommends. – Remember your old hobbies, hobbies, or you can take a vacation at this moment and go to the south to rest. ” But the main thing is not to fix on the negative, not to program the situation, stopping in agonizing expectation of bad news.

If you have already fallen into the hostage of the autumn depression, psychologists recommend taking the following measures:

1. I do not want to, but I will. “If it’s overcast in the street, you want to lie in bed, eat sweets and watch TV, there is universal advice – act through force,” Tatyana Koroleva recommends. Meet with nice people, go somewhere, but do not plunge into your spleen. However, if you try, but you can not raise yourself, it is not an easy degree of depression – according to Tatyana, without a specialist in this case can not do, otherwise depression can become chronic.
2. Let there be light.In the west, light has long been used as a cure for seasonal depression. Twist the bulb brighter (preferably two hours a day in bright light), go to the solarium – it’s light (just do not abuse it) or in the sauna – it’s warm. “There is one folk remedy for depression,” says Alexander Zhukov, “pototherapy. To quickly remove the depressive state, you have to sweat. ”
3. Have more rest. Chronic fatigue also leads to a breakdown in the endorphin system, so as soon as you feel tired, tear yourself away from work for a while, close your eyes and listen to pleasant music.
4. Pamper yourself.Go shopping, make a new hairstyle – these are short-term measures, but they work. Do not feel sorry for yourself – just listen to your desires.
5. I am the most-the most. Everybody knows perfectly well what auto-training is, but they are usually neglected. And in vain – according to Tatyana Koroleva, it helps a lot: “You wake up, you smiled at yourself for three minutes – under the influence of a smile, the endorphins of joy develop. Tell yourself how wonderful you are and that you will succeed. ” Self-training sessions can be repeated up to three times a day.

If an unpleasant autumn episode has really taken place in your life, you can change the situation with the help of new impressions. Allow yourself what you do not do in other periods of time. According to Tatyana Koroleva, in autumn all processes are slowed down due to the shortening of daylight, but there are internal deep psychological reasons for seasonal depression, and the time of year becomes an additional factor. Do not give in to provocation.

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