David Beckham’s ex-personal trainer shares her tips

Sydney celebrity personal trainer, Tegan Haining, who has worked with the likes of David Beckham, Jessica Gomes and Lara Stone in the past has revealed her top health and fitness tips to FEMAIL.

Summer is just a few days away and while some people manage to stay in shape all-year round, the rest of us are hoping to slim down before the bikini season starts.

Ms Haining says her new book, The 7 Day Quickie, is about getting back to basics.

‘It’s designed to get you motivated and moving again by improving your sleep, cleaning up the bad eating habits you’ve slipped back into and getting you stretched and strengthened with balanced exercise programs,’ she tells FEMAIL.

Celebrity personal trainer Tegan Haining (pictured) says her new book is about getting back to basics.

‘I like to recommend people pick three new things to stick to until they become a new lifestyle habit and only then begin integrating more. This is how we can create lasting change, which doesn’t overwhelm us,’ she adds.

The 35-year-old former model says she tries to encourage her clients to achieve balance through moderation in their diets and consistency in exercise.

‘There is no point in smashing yourself everyday at the gym for three months, getting injured and then you can’t do anything,’ Ms Haining explains.

The 35-year-old former model says she tries to encourage her clients to achieve balance through moderation and consistency

‘There is also no point in telling yourself you will ‘never eat something again’, as I can guarantee you will, that week if not that day. Life is long and we are here to enjoy the things we love, we just need to learn moderation so that our health isn’t affected by too much of the good stuff.

‘I believe in training twice a week in the gym with weights and doing two stretching sessions a week, weather its yoga, yin or fascia stretch therapy,’ she adds.

‘If we want to still be fit and active in our 60’s, it’s important to take the time to build proper strength and flexibility evenly in the body.’

Ms Haining (pictured) – who has worked with the likes of David Beckham and Jessica Gomes in the past – shared her tips for getting fit in just seven days

She also recommends eating anti-inflammatory foods such as fermented foods, blueberries and leafy greens

Ms Haining says we all have the best intentions around this time of year, but many of us don’t stick to a healthy eating plan or a regular exercise program.

Tegan Haining’s day on a plate

Breakfast: Coffee. Eggs for breakfast, usually with avocado and fresh tomato or hot smoked salmon

Snack: Dry roasted almonds

Lunch: Poke bowl

Snack: Rye toast with almond butter and honey

Dinner: Minute steaks, with lots of butter and mustard, served with vegetables

Dessert: Milk or dark chocolate

‘Losing weight in amongst all the Christmas eating and parties can be quite a challenge,’ she says.

‘The “Quickie” is something that you can fit between parties which will help you manage your guilt and your waistline.

‘If you can keep yourself in check through this period then getting back in shape in the new year won’t be nearly as difficult.’

‘I think many fitness programs can be intimidating as they take usually a minimum of four weeks if not eight or 12! Personally, I can never stick to anything that long,’ she tells FEMAIL.

‘I like my wine, cheese and chocolate too much. So I think setting yourself a shorter time frame, is something you’re more likely to do as won’t feel you are going to miss anything for too long. The trick is once you’ve taken the hardest step in starting, you’re more likely to keep going – and so your new healthier journey can begin.’

‘I think the focus on fitness needs to shift towards eating and moving to maintain a healthy mindset and positive outlook on life,’ says Tegan Haining

According to Tegan Haining, the much-worked-on Beckham (pictured) core comes from a mixture of exercises – including cable woodchops, bench and chest presses

The fitness guru, who does yoga twice week, also recommends weight lifting. She say it’s the key to healthy weight loss.

‘You don’t get bulky if you lift weights ladies. You have to eat to put on size, so if your diet is lean and your lifting program correct, it is fastest way to get in shape.

‘I like lifting weights for two 60 minute sessions per week,’ she says.

The Bondi-based PT recommends side planks to well and truly engage your abdominals (pictured)

‘I like lifting weights for two 60 minute sessions per week,’ says Tegan Haining (pictured)

‘I also go to yoga twice per week, but try to do the more Chill flow or Yin sessions to help my body relax and open up.

Tegan Haining’s new book The 7 Day Quickie

I think the key with yoga is to find a teacher you love. Don’t give up if you have a bad first experience.’

The personal trainer says sleep and time off are important elements to a long-term, successful health and fitness regimen.

‘The ”Quickie” has two complete regeneration days where I ask you to stretch and allow your body to rest and rebuild,’ she says.

‘Rest days are not the devil. You actually can get much stronger if you factor in rest days to let your muscles rebuild, try it and see.’

The 7 Day Quickie by Tegan Haining, published by Penguin is out now.

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