The better to wash with soap or shower gel

According to dermatologists, shower gel is more suitable for daily use. It does not dry the skin, which is very important. There is no peeling, irritation, and the skin ages more slowly.

Owners of dry skin need to use soap extremely rarely. It is best used for washing hands and feet, where the skin is less sensitive. It was preferable for these purposes to be used with cream, glycerin or olive oil, which less dries the skin, moisturizes and protects it.

For normal skin, you can use soap twice a week. This will help get rid of dead cells. It is best to take a bath with soap once a week to cleanse the skin of impurities.

But for oily skin, the use of soap is simply necessary. The fact is that the sebaceous glands of this cover work very actively and secrete sebum, in which pathogenic bacteria develop. Therefore, it is worth using an antibacterial soap that dries the skin and removes excess sebum.

It is also worth paying attention to a specialized soap that is used to treat certain dermatological diseases. For example, tar soap. It is proved by many years of experience that this is an excellent tool in the fight against dandruff.

To use soap or shower gel is an individual choice of everyone. Each of these tools has its pros and cons. Therefore, it is impossible to say unequivocally that it is better, everything is individual.

Just a few decades ago, humanity was washed only with soap. They washed their entire body from dirt, including hair. And first, shampoos and balms appeared, and after that – shower gels. Now no one can do without them, especially the fair sex.

Although some still consider soap the best way to cleanse, others disagree with them. To understand what is better to take a shower, you need to study their composition and effect on the skin, and then choose the most suitable option.

The general chemical composition of soap

It is worth mentioning right away that it will be about solid lumpy soap. Liquid soap with a dispenser is a completely different tool with a different chemical composition. Therefore, we will consider only the traditional solid version.

The soap contains sodium salts of fatty acids. They can be of plant or animal origin. Soap foam is formed from the reaction by combining acids with water. Further, this composition comes in contact with the fat of the skin, as a result, the skin is cleansed. Residues from the reactions performed can be observed after in the form of a gray soap film formed on the walls of the bathroom and on the tiles. Some mistakenly believe that this is dirt washed off from the body. However, this is not entirely true, the dirt in this unpleasant sediment is only a small fraction.

Also, the composition of the soap necessarily includes perfume and dyes. At the moment, on the shelves of shops you can find bar soap with a different composition. Increasingly, manufacturers are adding components of natural origin to it. True, there are very few of them in a mass-produced product.

Soap is divided into three types:

  1. General purpose. It is suitable for normal to oily skin.
  2. Disinfectant. It has an antibacterial effect and is used to treat various skin diseases.
  3. Special. Fat-like substances are added to such a soap.
The composition of the shower gel

The basis is a water emulsion and various surfactants, flavors, preservatives, herbal concentrates. The minimum number of components in the composition is 20 items. The composition of the gel is much more gentle on the skin. True, this is achieved not by adding various natural components, but due to just the chemicals that appear in the composition.

Many scare others with scary stories about the chemical compounds that make up shower gels (for example, lauryl sulfate ). In fact, these substances are not harmful to humans. This is proven by thousands of experiments conducted by scientists. Therefore, these chemicals are often listed in the composition. If they were harmful, they would certainly not be allowed into mass production.

Common signs of funds

Common can be called the fact that both funds are used to cleanse the skin.

In addition, you can also indicate the presence of a wide variety of soaps and shower gels on the shelves of the store. These products are found with a variety of aromas, various additives of plant and animal natural origin. You can find soap and shower gel with essential oils, herbal extracts, various particles for the effect of scrubbing the skin of natural origin.

In addition, many craftsmen make soap and shower gel with their own hands. Such products are always in demand, as they contain more natural ingredients than large-scale production ones.

The prices of soap and shower gel are different. Economy funds can be purchased at a price of less than 50 rubles. And you can buy a bar of soap for 500 rubles – this is a more natural product that spares the skin. Prices for shower gels reach two thousand.

This is where their similarities end.

The differences between soap and shower gel

Now let’s talk about the differences between these two products. After all, in fact, they have much more distinguishing features than similarities.

Solid soap:

  1. It has the most pronounced effect of washing away dirt from the body. For ordinary soap, you can wash any dirt off human skin.
  2. Among the body washes, it contains the most alkali, which dries the skin too much.
  3. More economical in consumption than gel.
  4. It requires a soap box – it is unlikely to be able to store soap without it.
  5. It is quickly washed off from skin and washcloths.

Shower gel:

  • It’s better to foam.
  • Its composition is more gentle for the skin, so after washing there is no feeling pulled away honor and irritation.
  • It has an uncomfortable capacity. Most often, the product is sold in a plastic bottle. This is not very convenient: on a shelf in the bathroom it can fall and spill, and when washing it is often the bottle slips out of your wet hands.
  • It is washed away from the body longer, sometimes the feeling of a film remains.
  • Less economical in consumption.

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