The first vertebra Atlas and the reasons for his dislocated

The spine is the main pillar of the body, so that the slightest damage leads to a number of troubles that may be minor at first glance, but over time will become noticeable.

The most important part of the range is the Atlas vertebra, because it is the first in the system and the subluxation would have serious consequences for health.

Pain in the injury arise from the fact that one vertebra descends from its standard position and starts rubbing the second.

The causes of the disease

In order to inflict damage you must obtain a mechanical effect in the neck. The higher the load on it, the more likely it is to injure Atlas.

The main reasons because of which injured the first vertebra are:

  1. Too sharp turn of the head.
  2. A birth injury.
  3. The fall on the head, who was not in a straight position.

The first type of injury is most common among children as they actively explore the world and sometimes turn too sharply, seeing something interesting or during the games.

In addition, careless movement after a period of relaxation can also injure Atlant, if you do not stretch your neck after lifting from the bed. Over time, the spine is strengthened, because for adults these injuries are uncommon and occur abruptly.

Very often, the vertebrae of the neck are injured during childbirth. The fruit may slightly deviate from the path out of the womb and this leads to serious damage, as the body of the baby is not yet ready for heavy loads on the joints and tendons.

As a result, they are stretched, and in the worst of circumstances can break. To initially determine damage is not easy, but over time the child’s spine will start to cause him pain reflexes.

The most common problem in adulthood is banal negligence. Very often the people doing the dive into the water or roll, incorrectly calculated the trajectory and falling on the neck, causing the displacement of the vertebra.

Thus, any attack head on something could injure Atlas. Moreover, sometimes abrupt flexion-extension of the neck can also lead to ailment.


Understand that the spine is injured in the neck area, will help the symptoms accompanying the injury:

  • dizziness;
  • sleep problems;
  • pain under rotations of the neck;
  • migraine;
  • swelling in the region of injury;
  • palpation of the neck brings discomfort.

In addition, if the subluxation is of the rotary type, turn your head to the side damage will be almost impossible because of the pain.

Discomfort is present all the time, but any movement of the neck only enhances the effect. If damaged Atlas and the second and third vertebrae, you may go numb or swell language, and difficulties with swallowing.

In the case that the first vertebra was injured during childbirth, then to the kid’s learning to stand and sit, the damage will be unnoticeable. However, as soon as the load on the spine increases, the injury is felt at once, resulting in improper gait toddler.

Over time, the subluxation begins to affect the eyesight of the child’s memory, attention in the worst way. In addition, these children quickly get tired and often capricious because of the constant headaches.

How to get rid of the disease

Formulation of the vertebra in place is the most effective and the only correct treatment, as all the problems lie in the wrong position.

However, you should not rush to set their own Atlas in place so it can further stretch the ligaments and joints, causing even more damage.

Typically treatments are three approaches:

  • assistance immediately after the injury;
  • staging of cervical vertebra in place;
  • the course of recovery after injury.

First aid must be available immediately after the injury, as in this case, Atlanta will need less treatment in the future.

This will require you to capture the neck in one position, the spine is not injured further, when the rotational movements of the head. This would require a splint or something straight.

Next to the site of injury is applied cold cloth or ice. After these procedures it is necessary to accurately bring the patient to the doctor, where he will be staging the vertebrae in place and appointed course of rehabilitation.

A hurry with the reduction necessary to the patient because the more time that goes after the injury, the greater the discomfort. As staging Atlanta in place is the impact on the first vertebra, it will only add trouble to the patient.

In addition, delay in coming to the doctor can result in pinching of the tissues near the vertebrae, which can disrupt the normal functioning of the body. To cure this injury is very difficult and often requires the services of a surgeon.

Statement on the location of the vertebra is usually realized by the method of Vichuga. The following manipulation:

  1. The doctor examines the spine and finds the damaged area.
  2. Later in the injured area is injected analgesic, relieving pain and tension.
  3. Once relaxed, the human body can return to Atlant for a place.
  4. If not, the doctor performs a procedure of setting the location manually.
  5. Once Atlanta returned to the position the doctor puts on a collar of the Trench for fixing.
  6. It is worn during the month.

Usually the spine is treated by the procedure in adults and children, but the latter is another variant of development of events.

Since children are more sensitive to pain, and the body is treatable, the doctor can set Atlant stretching, which allows a smooth and virtually without discomfort to return the first vertebra in place.

Once reduction has occurred, the patient must undergo a course of procedures aimed at strengthening of the joints and spine. They include:

  • healing exercises;
  • massage of the neck and spine;
  • the use of vitamin complexes, analgesics and regenerative medicine;
  • the treatment at the physiotherapist’s office.

Among the drugs that are assigned to the victims of the disease, such as midocean, providing relaxation of the neck muscles, trental, contributing to the improvement of metabolic processes in the spine.

It is also prescribed to eat more vitamin b, as it ensures the stability of the nervous system and improves circulating.

As for the massage, the spine is usually treated by stroking or rubbing, as a lot of stress are eliminated during the rehabilitation period.

In addition, it is worth remembering that any load on the spine during the rehabilitation period may cause re-injury, so you should refrain from sports or lifts weights.

You need to perform gymnastics strictly according to the doctor’s recommendations, namely, slowly and carefully, increasing load only over time, not a few days after reposition.

Successful treatment depends almost entirely from the responsibility of the patient, for full recovery you must adhere to all the recommendations and time to attend the scheduled procedure.

In addition, damage which was not golecino threatens to manifest itself at the most inopportune moment, resulting in problems with vision, headaches or sleep disturbance.

Spine – the basis of the human body. The number of its functions are numerous, because damage to any item is extremely undesirable and can lead to very unpleasant consequences.

Especially hate to damage the Atlas vertebra, which is the first in the system range and ensures the correct exchange of substances between the body and the head.

Thus, the slightest damage or suspicious, should immediately consult a specialist who will help you recover quickly and as painlessly as possible!

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