The causes of back pain and what the doctor will help to get rid of them

When pain spine lost all colors of life. Pain in the spine can occur every person, regardless of what the man was doing, and what kind of lifestyle leads.

If migration of heavy objects observed intolerable, shooting pain in the back and lower back, you need to promptly see a doctor, which specializiruetsya on the treatment of the spine – the district physician, neurologist, osteopath.

The spine is the axial part of the skeleton, which is composed of many vertebrae. If it disrupts the functioning of one vertebra, the violations exposed the entire spine.

Young people who can’t move in normal mode due to back pain can feel like a retired.

According to the statistical analysis implies that 70% of men are faced with painful sensations in the spinal column. But this does not mean that women experience back pain, much less.

The percentages of men and women are almost identical. And 14% of respondents confirmed that back pain 2 weeks, and 7% of people who suffer from chronic diseases of the back, said – the spine ache almost six months.

Spine: the cause of pain

When back pain, then you need to identify the cause of discomfort. To identify the origin of unpleasant sensations need to understand how to proceed in this situation.

Increased physical activity

The spine may begin to hurt immediately when exercising, lifting heavy objects or sharp slopes to the side.

Felt a sharp pain, a person freeze in a pose in which he suffered the discomfort. Thus a further slight movement brought him pain.

The health of the spine can affect any sudden movement, especially in the elderly. Not insured because, to be bound by pain, and young people.

To avoid a similar fate, it is advisable to use the exercise evenly and gradually.

Back hurts unbearably because of impaired outflow of blood, causing swelling.

Stressful situations and depression

A less common source of painful growing pains in the back are stress and negative emotions. Stress and back pain are interrelated and have a neuralgic character.

After the emergency, the painful feelings begin to appear the next day. Over time they will increase and become permanent.

If the back hurts for a long time, then you need to seek help to a chiropractor, who cured his back healing massage.

Other sources of back pain

Back pain can occur in the following circumstances:

  • o hypothermia;
  • o respiratory diseases: acute respiratory infections, SARS, Influenza;
  • o a pinched nerve.

Watch carefully for condition, to promptly identify the source of back pain. Any disease can cause complications that affect the condition of the spine.

Action plan in case of back pain

Depending on the nature of the pain, you can take certain steps. If the pain is caused by severe trauma, then the only right decision – an appeal to the specialist.

If the pain is aching, but tolerable, you can perform a number of manipulations, which at some time will relieve the pain. If a neck ache or lower back, it is necessary to act in a similar way.

Contact a

The spine is the most important division of the human skeleton, thus violating its functionality may lead to a change in the status of the body.

If the pain in his back pronounced and constant, it makes sense to go to a specialist that deals with the cure of diseases of the spine. If severe trauma to the spine can swell, so urgent hospitalization with splinting.

In ordinary life no one cares what kind of doctor treats the spine, one to go to the reception, why my back hurts. And only when faced with back pain, he begins to ask these questions.

This kind of assistance can have a primary care physician, a neurologist. He will prescribe x-rays and magnetic resonance therapy. Spine necessarily need to be treated, and not to let it go.

Accurate diagnosis can put only a qualified specialist dealing with problems of the spine. So no need to do self-diagnosis, self-treatment, which has implications and complications. When back pain need to seek help not for folk medicine, and an experienced doctor.

How to relieve back pain?

When there is back pain, there are a few effective ways to reduce it or completely get rid of it. But they will act only if the pain is not caused by trauma or chronic diseases.

First, you need to relax a bit. For example, lie on a flat surface or to make an easy relaxing exercises. This may be sufficient to the problem is completely gone.

Second, in more complex cases, it is necessary to fix the spine. For these purposes, the pharmacy standard fixation dressing. But you can also use the means at hand: bed sheets, body belt, or any other hard matter.

Thirdly, it is possible to take the anesthetic. Reception up Pentalgin, analgin will ease the pain for a while, but then you need urgently to go to a neurologist.

If the back hurts for a long time, then you should immediately consult a doctor, called a neurologist.

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