Kidney stones during pregnancy

Kidney stones during pregnancy is a rare phenomenon, as in this period of time mineral metabolism is not disturbed, and in the urinary tract women, formed the conditions under which the salts are not able to precipitate. But if kidney stones, was the lady before she got pregnant, in the process of carrying a child may develop complications.

The ideal is to remove the stones, before a new life will begin, that is, in the planning process, and no problems in the future mother will not arise. But, for the past nine months, the woman must be under the constant supervision of doctors and to fulfill all their requirements and recommendations.

The causes of kidney stones

Unfortunately, kidney stone disease is increasingly diagnosed in pregnant women. The development of this process is affected by a number of reasons, which can affect the woman herself.

The main causes of development of pathological process in the kidneys include the following processes:

  • the metabolic disorders;
  • the regimen food;
  • in the body receives insufficient amount of liquid;
  • the consumption of carbonated beverages;
  • medication.

The metabolic disorders may be associated with endocrine disorders or pregnant lady lead a passive lifestyle and moves a little. Diet also affects the condition of the urogenital system, especially if the diet is dominated by meat or vegetable products.

Kidney stones can lead to premature birth

A day in the body should consume about 2 liters of clean water, but unfortunately, the modern pace of life does not allow to achieve such a result, suffer from this kidneys. Not taken into account tea, coffee, soup, and similar liquids. Should not be abused, and it is better to completely abandon colored carbonated beverages. Taking certain groups of drugs may leads to the formation of kidney stones.

Do not forget about genetic predisposition. If the family has had similar cases, regardless of whether there are symptoms or not, you need to be diagnosed. This will help to eliminate kidney stones during pregnancy. Because of their availability in some cases may lead to miscarriage.

Symptoms of pathology

Kidney stones during pregnancy very often move through the urethra, than the average person, which leads to the development of renal colic. It is a painful attack is the first symptom of the disease, as it has a distinct character and it is impossible to miss.

With the following manifestations:

  • nausea turning into vomiting, flatulence, indigestion;
  • tenesmus in the lumbar region;
  • the process of elimination of urine difficult;
  • purulent and bloody discharge in urine.

Nausea and vomiting can cause the uterus to tone that is unfavorable for the fetus, as excessive reductions in body can trigger early labor. Therefore, when the first retching are urgently required to stop the seizure. Tenesmus in the lumbar region can develop after eating juicy foods (melon, watermelon, orange). If really want, you should not abuse it, everything should be in moderation.

If the stone began the process of moving down the urinary tract and suddenly stuck, this can lead to urine retention in the body. This condition can lead to an accumulation of urine in the kidney (hydronephrosis), and if the urine will go in the body in excessive quantities, the possible rupture of a kidney. So at the first sign of this condition need to seek help from a specialist.

If a woman discovered kidney stones, that throughout the pregnancy she should be under the care of a urologist

Another worrying sign is the presence in the urinary fluid of impurities, namely, pus, blood and mucus. Normally, they do not exist. This symptom may indicate that the calculus has already damaged the wall of the ureter or started to develop infection.

The plan of action in renal colic

The presence of kidney stones in a pregnant considered dangerous and can lead to a serious condition like renal colic. What to do in this situation? If the future mother were in such a situation, you must quickly remove a pain syndrome, which entails the tone of the uterus, as this condition is fraught with premature birth. She’s pregnant, if possible, or relatives of the women should call the ambulance, because at home so able to cope impossible.

If you have a history of this disease, you should always have in the medicine Cabinet antispasmodics (Drotaverin, Spazmalgon) and before arrival of physicians need to take one of them. In addition, the lady should take the most comfortable position in which pain attacks will have the least intensity. Ordinary patients can use the bath with hot water, or other procedures with a warming effect.

For pregnant women such manipulation is very dangerous because excess heat exposure can lead to miscarriage or premature birth.

During an attack of renal colic is necessary to urgently call an ambulance

Therapeutic measures

Upon detection of stone disease in the mother, she needs to undergo treatment in stationary conditions, because that is where the woman can get proper treatment and be supervised by medical personnel. The lady will be under the supervision of a urologist, who will monitor her health and the unborn baby. Usually the treatment regimen includes diet diet drinking plenty of fluids, and medications to eliminate pain attack.

If all of the above assignments will have a positive result, it is necessary to reconsider treatment. The doctor needs to block the round ligament of the uterus with the help of nicotine with the aim to avoid pain in the future.

But in this situation of the urinary fluid from the body will be excreted with the help of a catheter. There are circumstances when it is necessary to use antibiotics but only when absolutely necessary, namely in the presence of a bacterial agent in the genitourinary system, which leads to an inflammatory process.

If the patient is in very serious condition, without the use of surgical intervention is necessary. In the case of this state for the last weeks of pregnancy is recommended, caesarean section, with the subsequent removal of stones. But if the term is still very small, it is necessary to treat the woman by using more gentle methods, such as laser or shock wave lithotripsy.

Preventive measures

If a woman knows that she belongs to the category of people who are prone to development of kidney stones, you must be under the constant supervision of the physician urologist for the entire pregnancy. The expectant mother is assigned to a special diet, which will help to avoid situations with the aggravation of pathologies. Should exclude products such as meats, spicy, fried, fatty and salty.

The use of medicinal herbs is possible, but before applying it is mandatory to consult a doctor, as not all herbs have a beneficial effect on the development of a fetus. For example, bearberry and knotweed negatively affect the unborn baby.

Modern pharmaceutical companies release drugs based on medicinal herbs that are completely safe for both mom and baby

There are medicines that have herbal formula, namely: Urolesan, Trinatron, Kanefron N. The composition includes herbs which is completely harmless to the baby and mom. These drugs have the ability to break stones, to remove tenesmus and reduce the severity of the inflammatory process. Pregnant showing slight physical activity such as easy walking, walking in the fresh air.

Kidney stones during pregnancy is not a death sentence, but in the period of carrying a baby with them to fight harder. Ideally, it is best to get rid of the disease during the period of planning, but if that happens, under the supervision of a urologist. It is not necessary to self-medicate. When the first deviation you must go to the doctor as a woman is responsible not only for his life but for the life of the baby.

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