Threads in the urine

Normal urine is a transparent bodily fluid is straw-yellow color, without sediment. The hue and consistency of urine can influence physiological (justified by natural causes – diet and fluid intake) and pathological (consequences of the inflammatory processes occurring in the body) factors.

Biological fluid, in which structure of the human body are excreted end products of metabolism (metabolic processes) is called urine (or urine). The study of this substance can tell about the physiological status and functional activities of many organs. Depending on the levels of protein in urine, bile acids, and urobilinogen ketone bodies, glucose practitioners to draw conclusions about the development in the human body of various diseases.

One of the important symptoms of many serious pathological processes that occur in the urogenital system, is the appearance in the urine of threads. In our article we describe the main causes of the problem, its consequences and methods of prevention of further occurrence.

Causes of urine in filamentous inclusions

Change the transparency of urine can be caused by:

  • the use of large amounts of meat and dairy products;
  • the predominance in the diet of vegetables or products containing animal proteins;
  • dehydration;
  • taking medications.

These factors are physiological, have on the human body a short-term effect and do not require medical care.

Unlike natural causes, pathological factors caused by the development of diseases of the urinary organs, and do not disappear by themselves. Most often, the presence of filaments in urine is due to the presence of impurities of protein, acetone, glucose, and increased urinary excretion of mucus and white blood cells.

The most common reasons for the appearance of filiform inclusions are the pathological processes that occur in the urogenital organs during inflammation:

  • urinary channel urethritis;
  • the outer genitals and the vagina of women vulvowaginita;
  • the skin of the glans penis balanoposthitis;
  • mucous walls of the bladder – cystitis;
  • prostate men prostate;
  • tubular system of the kidneys – pyelonephritis.

Threadlike allocation in the urine may also appear:

  • in immunodeficiency;
  • pathologies of the endocrine organs;
  • infectious diseases of the urogenital tract caused by pathogenic bacteria;
  • fatty degeneration of the epithelial tissue of renal tubules;
  • nephrotic syndrome;
  • urolithiasis (kidney stones – urinary organs in the stones);
  • kidney disease with Mycobacterium tuberculosis;
  • malignant tumors in the genitourinary tract.

The appearance of change transparency and color of urine requires immediate assistance of a qualified medical professional – this is the key to the effectiveness of medical therapy

Self-treatment of pathological processes that result in the urine threads and fibers is unacceptable! Irrational treatment of the event is the reception of various drugs, traditional methods and thermal treatments can provoke the transition of acute diseases into chronic, difficult-to traditional treatment.

For accurate diagnosis of pathological processes in the urogenital organs, it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive examination of the patient, including instrumental and laboratory methods.

Signs that you need to pay attention

The appearance in the urine of threads is not the only manifestation of pathological processes, a person can feel:

  • decreased performance;
  • General malaise;
  • apathy;
  • unpleasant and painful sensations during urination – burning sensation, sharp pains and discomfort in the urethra;
  • frequent urge to mochevyvodjashie;
  • attacks of severe to excruciating pain;
  • pain in the lower abdomen, radiating to the perineum, thigh, anorectal area;
  • the pathological secretions from the lumen of the urinary canal or external genitals.

Special attention should be paid to the emergence of a sudden attack of strong pain in the lumbar region

Pain be painful and deprives a person of sleep and rest is the most pronounced sign of renal colic. If filamentous inclusions appeared in the urine of the child, parents need to pay attention to this phenomenon and to properly understand the reasons that caused it.

For example:

  • have infant toddler functional activity of the urinary system has not been established, therefore, the urine may appear yarn and fiber;
  • impairment of renal function often occurs when heavy consumption of protein foods – it entails a change of transparency of urine and the appearance of filamentous inclusions;
  • insufficient hygiene of external genitals (especially for girls) also affects the consistency of allocated urine.

However, if the behavior of the crumbs is different from the usual, the parents notice an increase in temperature without cold symptoms, refusal of food and urination – you need to pay attention to the color and transparency of urine.

If the urine of the child was getting blurry, her visible strands of mucus, clots of pus or blood – it means that in children, is acute inflammation that require pharmacological treatment. It is urgent to take the child to a medical facility.

Diagnostic measures that can identify the causes of the appearance in urine of threads

When applying for medical care by a qualified specialist conducts a physical examination of the sick person and in detail explains the clinical symptoms of the pathological process, the time and the circumstances preceding their emergence. Based on data of the anamnesis, the doctor will determine the means and methods of diagnosing diseases.

An integral part of diagnostic procedures is the General urine analysis that can identify cellular changes in urinary sediment, presence of protein and pathological impurities.

Ultrasound is informative and accessible method of diagnosis and allows to identify the presence in the urogenital organs, inflammatory processes, tumors, calculi

A comprehensive examination of the patient consists of the following methods:

  • General clinical blood tests, which detect the presence in the body of the inflammatory process;
  • study of biochemical parameters of renal samples of urea concentration, total protein, creatinine;
  • urine analysis according to the method Nechiporenko – counting the number of leukocytes, erythrocytes, and cylinders in a certain volume of urine;
  • bacterial culture of urine sediment on culture media to detect the presence of pathogenic microorganisms and determine their susceptibility to antibacterial and antimicrobial agents;
  • bacterioscopic analysis of abnormal discharge from the urethra and genital organs that can identify the presence of infectious agents;
  • excretory urography – x-ray examination of the urinary tract is based on the ability of the urinary organs remove from the blood certain contrast agents;
  • MRI or CT of the urinary organs.
Therapeutic measures

The treatment of the sick person begins immediately after the establishment of the exact reasons for the appearance in the urine filamentous inclusions.

In the presence of physiological factors of the problem the patient may need to adjust the nutrition principles and lifestyle, he recommended:

  • a balanced diet rich in vitamins and microelements;
  • rational water load;
  • implementation of requirements of personal hygiene.

In the presence of infectious-inflammatory processes used antiviral, antibacterial and antimicrobials. The medicine, dose and duration of therapy determined by the treating physician depending on the causative agent and the severity of the patient’s condition.

Summarizing all the above, I want to note again that the appearance in the urine of threads is not always a symptom of a serious ailment. However, each person is important to remember that timely treatment for the qualified person with changes in color and transparency of urine will prevent development of the pathological process in the urogenital organs and reduce the chance of developing complications of the disease.

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