Arthritis of the spine principal

The human spine consists of over thirty vertebrae, connected together by joints. Bone joints in the spine, like other joints of the body prone to common disease – arthrosis. Disease of the joints between the vertebrae is called spondylosis.

Osteoarthritis of the spine is a chronic disease that affects the cartilage surface of the intervertebral joints, there is thinning and destruction of the first cartilage, and then to other structures of the joints: bones, ligaments, synovial membrane, joint capsule.

The disease usually affects people older than 60 years. And proceeds in parallel with other degenerative processes, for example, with osteochondrosis, which affects the discs between the vertebrae.

What are the arthrosis of the spine?

Depending on the causes of the following types of arthrosis of the spine:

  • primary – hereditary factors, which include congenital disorders of musculoskeletal system, connective tissue dysplasia. Disease lead to increased traumatization of cartilage and the development of degenerative changes in the joints.
  • secondary – caused by damage to the joints.

Osteoarthritis of the spine develops as a result of incorrect posture, long-term work in forced position, the increased load on the back in the result of obesity. Secondary changes in the joints develop in rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, hormonal disorders, menopause in women.

Localization of pathology doctors distinguish types of arthritis of the spine:

  • cerveceros – a disease of the joints of the neck vertebrae, another of his name – uncovertebral;
  • disastros, which suffer from thoracic vertebrae;
  • Lumberton that attacks the joints of the vertebrae of the lower back.
The defeat of the cervical

Favorite localization of the pathological process – the cervical spine. The disease is connected with the fact that the neck is experiencing constant nefiziologichnoe load, for example, from work sitting at a computer. Develop chronic spasm of the muscles, which leads to malnutrition of the cartilage of the joints.

Osteoarthritis of the cervical is manifested by pain in the neck, back of the neck, the hands which arise after sleep, when turning or tilting the head. When driving there is often a clicking or crunching in the vertebrae. Gradually the intensity of the pain increases, they become permanent. Disease threat due to the development of serious neurological complications.

One of the types of diseases of the cervical spine – uncovertebral osteoarthritis. He is strong and excruciating pain. Patients avoid movements in the neck, in his hands. At the same time developing numbness and other neurological symptoms.

The lesions of the thoracic

Occurs much less frequently at other sites. Is manifested by pain between the shoulder blades, which occurs when the movement of the body, disturbed sensitivity in the projection of the thoracic segments. The characteristic symptom for all types of spondylosis – morning stiffness that occurs in this type of the disease.

The defeat of the lumbar

Arthrosis of the lumbar spine is manifested unpleasant symptoms in the lower back, sacrum, buttocks, posterior surface of leg above the knee. The disease develops because of excessive physical exercise, excess weight, sedentary work or long position on the feet.

First unpleasant sensations arise when you change the position of the torso and when lifting weights. But over time, lumbalgia constantly worried, and sleep deprived.

Due to spasm of lumbar muscles patients suffer stiffness in the morning. Sometimes Lumberton manifested by numbness, burning, weakness of the muscles of the thighs, buttocks and limitation of mobility in the hip joint. These symptoms belong to the syndrome the piriformis muscle that require immediate treatment.

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