Ambroxol and Lazolvan, the choice of drug

These drugs have the same principle of action on the human body and are used only in cases of inflammatory processes that occur in the respiratory tract.

Both Ambroxol and Lazolvan are dispensed from pharmacies without a doctor’s prescription, but before using a drug by a child or a nursing mother, you must always consult your doctor. He must prescribe the correct and individual dosage for each patient.

Ease of use is that the medicines are available in the form of tablets, syrup and a solution for inhalation. The latter is best suited for people with severe tolerance to the components of the drug who have pathologies of the stomach or liver. It will be much easier for these patients to transfer the negative effect on the body of the active substance that is contained in the medicine.

A product of foreign origin is much more expensive than domestic, but the reviews are positive about both medicines. Thus, it makes no sense to overpay for identical imported goods. Ambroxol will be the rational solution, since Lazolvan is just an expensive analogue of the Russian product.

For those who often notice a wet cough during their illness and are looking for methods to eliminate it, it will be useful to learn about two similar drugs. And also, each of the patients will be able to easily figure out which of the compared medicines is more effective in coping with this disease.

Based on side effects and contraindications, each of the readers will be able to determine for themselves the most suitable option. After all, it is Ambroxol and Lazolvan that are very popular among the drugs prescribed for the treatment of cough in patients.

About Ambroxol

Ambroxol is a cough syrup intended for both adults and children. An excellent expectorant that can stimulate prenatal lung development. And also this medicine, which contains a secretomotor and secretolytic effect. It effectively awakens the serous cells of all the glands of the bronchial mucosa, and also greatly increases the mucous secretion and release of surfactant in the bronchi and alveoli. This medication restores the damaged ratio of all mucous components of sputum.


Ambroxol increases the motor activity of the ciliated epithelium, and also perfectly reduces the viscosity of existing sputum.

This medication is used:

  • with acute or chronic bronchitis.
  • pneumonia.
  • COPD
  • bronchial asthma with severe sputum.
  • bronchiectatic disease.

Ambroxol is also used to stimulate prenatal lung maturation, treatment and prevention of respiratory distress syndrome in premature and newborn babies.

The use of this medication is absolutely contraindicated in case of hypersensitivity to the constituent substance, pregnancy (I trimester) and phenylketonuria (if aspartame is in the composition of the produced form).

The use of Ambroxol is relatively contraindicated in case of renal failure, liver failure, peptic ulcer of the stomach and duodenum, pregnancy (II – III trimester), and lactation.

About Lazolvan

Lazolvan is a medicine in the form of a syrup that has a secretory, secretolytic and expectorant effect. It performs the identical functions of Ambroxol, and also with its help there is an increase in the motor activity of cilia of the ciliated epithelium and an increase in mucociliary sputum transport.


This drug is able to cure.

  • COPD
  • All forms of bronchitis.
  • Mild and severe respiratory diseases.
  • Bronchial asthma with sputum production.
  • Pneumonia.
  • Bronchiectatic disease.

Contraindications for the use of Lazolvan are intolerant sensitivity to the components of the drug, pregnancy (I). It is recommended to use the drug with caution in the II – III trimester of pregnancy, renal or liver failure, lactation.

Common between compared drugs

The main component of both Ambroxol and Lazolvan is Ambroxol hydrochloride. When this substance enters directly into the gastrointestinal tract, there is instant and effective absorption of the sputum accumulated in it and its immediate removal from the body.

Having studied the basic substance and the principles of operation of the compared drugs, we can conclude that Ambroxol and Lazolvan are absolutely identical drugs. It follows that the list of side effects will basically be identical too.

Common observed manifestations:

  1. Skin rash.
  2. Urticaria.
  3. Angioneurotic edema.
  4. Allergic contact dermatitis.
  5. Anaphylactic shock.
  6. Heartburn.
  7. Gastralgia.
  8. Nausea
  9. Vomiting

There will be no difference even in the speed of exposure to these drugs, since they both dissolve perfectly in the blood, and the effect will be in 30 minutes. after taking the medicine. The duration of the effect of these medicines is also the same and varies from 6 to 12 hours.

The release of the drug in tablets is categorically not recommended to be combined with medication (Ambrobene). As for the use of solutions for inhalation, it is categorically not recommended to use steam inhalers at the same time, as a person may experience a sharp spasm of the respiratory tract. This precautionary condition applies primarily to people who are sick or have had bronchial asthma.

Drug differences

In addition to the same side effects, Ambroxol has an additional list of distinctive effects on the human body. Rarely, the patient has a manifestation of weakness, headaches, diarrhea, dry mouth and respiratory tract, rhinorrhea, exanthema, constipation and dysuria. Numbness, chills, adynamia, hyperthermia and severe headaches, a sharp decrease in pressure and shortness of breath can also occur.

Another distinguishing feature of the drugs is the country of origin. The release of the drug Lazolvan is carried out in Austria by a company called Beringer Ingelheim. As for Ambroxol, it is produced by the domestic manufacturer Ecolab.

The next difference is in the composition of drugs. As described above, both drugs consist of ambroxol, but, in addition to this substance, Mucosolvan has additional components in the form of benzoic acid, hyetellose, acesulfame potassium, liquid sorbitol, glycerol, various flavors and purified water.

It should be noted that a drug of Russian origin has twice the concentration of the active substance in comparison with an imported drug. Because of this, the withdrawal of medications from the human body slows down a little, especially this phenomenon was observed in patients who suffer from renal failure.

Another important difference between remedies is their cost. Ambroxol domestic production will cost from 50 rubles., While the price of imported Lazolvan will be 4-5 times more expensive.

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