Rekognan or Ceraxon, the choice of drug

One drug can completely replace another; they have exactly the same effectiveness, dosage, duration of the course of therapy and features of the reception. If we consider the effectiveness-price ratio, then the domestic drug Rekognan is preferable, but provided that the patient does not have a specific reaction to its composition.

Ceraxon is one third more expensive than its competitor with a more “pure” composition with fewer auxiliary components. It is also available in tablet form, which may be more convenient for some groups of patients with a mild form of circulatory disorders. Both drugs are prescribed only by a doctor, after analyzing the patient’s condition.

Rekognan and Cerakson are neuroprotective drugs often prescribed by neuroscientists to recover patients after strokes, hypoxia and other conditions associated with impaired blood supply to the brain. Which of them showed greater effectiveness with fewer side effects.


Rekognan is a popular nootropic drug that is actively used to restore memory and brain activity after mild to moderate injuries, vascular lesions, and brain hypoxia. The drug is produced in Russia in the form of a solution for injection, liquid for oral administration. The main active ingredient is citicoline. It contributes to the gradual restoration of cell walls, neutralization of the negative effects of free radicals, and prevents the death of brain cells.


Appointed in cases:

  • Hypoxia, brain encephalopathy.
  • Rehabilitation after head injuries, strokes with moderate lesions. Restores memory, impaired speech, attention.
  • Multiple sclerosis in combination with other drugs.
  • Dementia senile, hypertension.
The drug is prohibited for prescribing to patients until they reach the age of 18 years, as well as to women who are at any stage of pregnancy. The effect of Recognan on the fetus has not been studied. The simultaneous use of alcohol, other nootropic drugs is prohibited.

During therapy with this medicine, the following adverse reactions are sometimes observed:

  1. Allergic manifestations on the skin.
  2. Feeling of nausea, decreased appetite.
  3. Very rarely: headache, sudden change in pressure, hand tremors, swelling of the limbs and face.

To achieve a lasting positive result from treatment, therapy is carried out for at least three weeks.


Ceraxon is an Italian drug based on the substance citicoline. Its action is aimed at ensuring the stability of the membranes of neurons to reduce cerebral edema and cognitive impairment caused by injuries or other lesions of brain tissue. Ceraxon is able to reduce amnesia, improve consciousness, increase alertness.


On the drug market, Ceraxon is presented in the form of a liquid in bottles with a dispenser for oral administration, ampoules for injection and in tablet form. The medicine has great bioavailability for any type of administration.

Indications for appointment:

  • Decreased blood supply to the brain due to trauma, resulting in a sharp violation of its functions.
  • Recovery of brain functions after strokes, cerebrovascular disease, improving the quality of life of patients.
  • Recovering memory in senile dementia.
  • Progressive vagotonia.

Ceraxon is well tolerated by patients throughout the course of treatment, which is usually about 3 weeks. The following negative manifestations were rarely observed: nausea, insomnia, mild headache.
The medicine is not prescribed for children and adolescents under 18 years of age. It is strictly prohibited for pregnant and lactating women, due to the small amount of data on the effect of the drug on the child. Ceraxon is prescribed only by a doctor. You can take it only after 2 days, after the last alcohol consumption.

What is common and how are they different?

The action of Rekognan and Cerakson is due to the properties of the main active substance of the drugs – citicoline. Both drugs have proven themselves in restoring brain function after injuries, organ tissue damage due to hemorrhage during strokes. The drugs are used in combination for the prevention of age-related dementia, multiple sclerosis. Citicoline sodium reduces the severity of symptoms of ischemic conditions. There is no need for dose adjustment depending on the age of the patient, cases of overdose have not been recorded, the drug is not toxic to humans, even in large doses.

The drugs completely coincide with the list of contraindications and side effects, but according to patients’ reviews, Rekognan often caused allergic reactions and they manifested themselves more strongly than when taking Ceraxon. It contains a large number of auxiliary substances that negatively affect the patient’s body, causing adverse reactions.

The composition of Ceraxon is more balanced, contains fewer excipients that can provoke an allergy.

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