The symptomatic manifestations and complications of ascites in cirrhotic patients

Some people after a long illness wonder if she developed ascites in liver cirrhosis, how I live with this complication, what are the chances of successful treatment? There are many factors that can adversely affect the liver.

Improper diet, alcohol abuse, as well as some viral diseases can lead to the development of dangerous diseases such as cirrhosis. Complications usually develop in people the treatment of liver cirrhosis folk remedies without the advice of doctor.

The symptomatic manifestations and complications of ascites in cirrhotic patients

In fact, the liver cells have an amazing ability to recover. However, the internal reserves of the body are gradually depleted, and the liver cells gradually begin to die off, being replaced by connective tissue. Despite the fact that during therapy a person can live even with a diagnosis such as cirrhosis, more than 10 years, as practice shows, many people cannot correctly assess their condition and risk of existing diseases, therefore, not immediately abandon bad habits.

As the withering away of the tissues of the liver organ can no longer cope with the purification of the blood, so the body begin to accumulate toxins and other harmful substances. Liver stops producing the required amount of proteins and enzymes, which are responsible for many processes in the human body. One of the aspects of disorders of the liver is the cessation of normal production of proteins that prevent leakage of fluid through blood vessel walls and other tissues. Because of disorders of the liver gradually there is accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity.

With the development of the disease is observed the following symptoms:

  • bloating;
  • pain;
  • the severity;
  • inverted navel;
  • herniation;
  • fatigue;
  • drowsiness.

Ascites in liver cirrhosis is often accompanied by additional symptoms, including patients may experience memory loss, swelling of extremities, increase in total body mass, venous collaterals, bleeding of the esophagus.

On the background of liver disorders of metabolic processes in the body that is accompanied by changes in the properties and composition of lymph, so the prognosis of this condition, as a rule, disappointing.

When a patient with cirrhosis is faced with the manifestation of ascites, how many live with this condition, cannot predict even the most experienced doctor. Various complications accompanied with liver cirrhosis, are rapidly progressing, the people who maintain the health is only used folk remedies and do not adhere to doctor’s recommendations.

Stage of ascites

The possibility of recovery of patients with cirrhosis of the liver, against which the observed ascites, extremely unlikely. If the person has timely notice of the typical symptoms, it is possible to slow down the process of accumulation of fluid in the body. So how to treat ascites in the latter stages are problematic in patients suffering from cirrhosis, it is important to determine the degree of prevalence of process. At the initial stage of development of ascites is already observed an increase in the abdomen in volume. The amount of fluid in the abdomen and at this stage does not exceed 3 L. the initial stage of the pathology, the prognosis is favorable and targeted therapy allows in some cases to pay to be reversed and extend the life of the patient.

On the 2nd stage of ascites in the abdomen can accumulate more than 4 liters of fluid. Symptomatic manifestations in this stage are already well visible and give the patient a lot of discomfort. The patient at this stage changes the shape of the abdomen. In addition, most patients have symptoms of renal failure.

On the 3rd stage of ascites with cirrhosis can accumulate more than 10 liters of fluid. Given the amount of fluid contained in the abdominal cavity at this stage often show signs of difficulty breathing because the contents of the belly gives a light normal to expand. In addition, a significant increase in the stomach prevents a person to breathe properly. Can also be a violation of the heart and swelling of the entire body.

On the 2nd and 3rd stages of the disease significantly increases the risk of peritonitis. Peritonitis is a very dangerous condition, accompanied with the infectious lesions of the abdominal organs. Peritonitis often causes the death of the patient with cirrhosis.

Therapy disease

Treatment of ascites in liver cirrhosis presents a significant challenge, with good effect therapy only in the early beginning. Therapy of ascites in liver cirrhosis involves the evacuation of fluid from the abdominal cavity. In addition, it requires receiving medication to control fluid buildup. Folk remedies to treat ascites impossible. In addition to drug therapy, patients need a special diet for cirrhosis of the liver, which can improve the condition of the body.

When developing cirrhosis, ascites is accompanied by strong swelling of the body, so in order to reduce the amount of excess fluid, you should minimize the intake of food containing large amounts of salt, as this substance promotes the water retention in the body. Diet for cirrhosis of the liver, accompanied by ascites, it suggests the complete elimination of fatty and fried foods, marinades,prepared foods, smoked meats and various other products.

To reduce the rate of accumulation of fluid in the abdominal cavity with ascites, developing on the background of liver cirrhosis, you need to include in the diet dairy products, natural juices without preservatives, fruits, vegetables and berries. In addition, the patient requires a special balanced nutrition for cirrhosis of the liver, it is important to control the amount of water consumed per day.

To prevent the development of constipation may aggravate the situation requires laxatives and other medicines. As a rule, if the patient well the kidneys, can be administered diuretics, allowing you to more quickly withdraw excess fluid from the body. When the diagnosis of “ascites in liver cirrhosis” less than 25% of patients live more than 3 years.

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