List of symptoms of cirrhosis

First signs of cirrhosis of the liver is not always pronounced. It is therefore necessary to undergo regular routine medical examinations or not to delay the trip to the doctor, if was seen abdominal pain.

Cirrhosis of the liver is one of the most intractable diseases of the liver. Every year more and more people suffer from this disease and seek help in medical institutions. Like all disease, at an early stage to eliminate the symptoms of cirrhosis of liver in women and men is much easier than in the later stages.

The essence of the disease consists in the total extinction of the cells of the body in the recovery process which liver tissue scar, which leads to complete deformation of its structure.

Eventually the liver stops to function and person dies. Annually from such pathologies on killed approximately 30 million people worldwide. This problem is especially actual in our country due to the large number of people suffering from alcohol dependence.

List of symptoms of cirrhosis

First signs of cirrhosis of the liver is very difficult to notice because in most cases, onset occurs without visible symptoms. Not rare are the cases in which cirrhosis was revealed at autopsy.

Signs of cirrhosis of liver in women and men are different because women have the disease progresses much faster.

But still, the symptoms of cirrhosis of liver in women and men have a number of similar manifestations, among which we can mention:

  • pain in the right upper quadrant that appears after large loads or after intake of excessively fatty foods;
  • dryness and bitter taste in the mouth;
  • heartburn;
  • strengthening of flatulence;
  • violations of the chair;
  • sudden weight loss;
  • fatigue;
  • unexplained irritability;
  • jaundice.

The initial stage of cirrhosis completely curable, the symptoms can be eliminated appropriate drug therapy and diet. With the development of the disease signs of liver cirrhosis in women and in men will change and grow.

Pain in right side will become chronic and begin to wear paroxysmal in type, resembling colic. The patient will begin to feel a constant heaviness in the abdomen, nausea and vomiting. Vomit will be filled with blood impurities, which indicates bleeding in the stomach and esophagus. Due to the fact that blood is the excess bile, the patient will be very very itchy skin all over the body. Muscle tone will decrease, rapid weight loss will be accompanied by constant fatigue and exhaustion.

The acute phase of the disease

First signs of cirrhosis of the liver end when the person is an excessive yellowing of the skin, this suggests that the disease is at its apogee. Initially, yellow sclera, then the skin on the mucous membranes, and then the palms and soles. In the field of eyelid people will begin to notice stains. The corners of the eyes and the edge of the nose of the patient will be covered by the angioma, and the tongue swells and gets a bright red colour.

Hands patient fingers thicken and resemble the form of drum sticks with a seal on the end and a reddening of the skin around the nail plate. Joints will be sore, and veins on the abdomen will expand and manifest itself through the skin. During the acute stage of the disease, doctors often note the formation of “stars” from the veins in the upper half of the body of the patient. The more advanced the illness, the more “stars” will appear on the patient’s body.

Often the disease is accompanied by frequent nosebleeds, sleep disturbances and memory loss. Brain activity is reduced, the patient loses mental capacity and shows a complete indifference to what is happening around. In the later stages of the disease in humans in the abdominal cavity accumulates fluid, and the abdomen falls forward. A person acquires an unhealthy tint, with clearly stood out cheekbones and bright red veins. In the female body begin to evolve mammary glands, have the pubic hair and the head. Men, by contrast, start to grow milk glands and the function of the genitals atrophy.

Timely access to a doctor − the key to successful treatment

All the above symptoms can be triggered by long use of alcohol, disorders of the immune system or underlying medical conditions.

Despite the fact that no symptoms does not feel sick, the disease has already started and stop it will only qualified treatment. If you sometimes pains under the ribs at the right side, immediately consult a doctor. Perhaps this is the first bell that signaled the presence of the disease. The first step is to identify the disease is possible only by laboratory tests. This confirms the feasibility of routine inspections at the doctor at least once a year.

Treatment of cirrhosis is carried out exclusively in stationary mode.

I would like to note that at the third stage of the disease, the treatment does not bring any results, but only briefly prolongs the life of the patient. Do not neglect your health pass medical examinations, and you never find yourself in the list of those whose cirrhosis was identified at autopsy.

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