Remens and Qi-Klim, the choice of drug

Drugs are not analogues, therefore, when choosing them should not be difficult.

Everyone copes with their medical tasks:

  • Both are well suited for menopausal symptoms, but the effect of Qi-Klima will be higher.
  • A pregnant and lactating woman will not be prescribed Qi-Klim.
  • Remens has anti-inflammatory and firming properties, so it will be prescribed in the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  • If a woman takes other medicines, she will be prescribed Remens, which will not reduce their effectiveness.
  • To restore the menstrual cycle, Remens is suitable.

Increased intolerance to the components of the drugs will play a role in choosing one of them.

Some experts will not prescribe both drugs if they are advocates of evidence-based medicine. Most likely, they will prescribe hormonal drugs. Although in European countries it is still customary to prescribe homeopathic remedies first, and only if they do not help, it is recommended to use other medicines.

Remens and Qi-Klim belong to the group of homeopathic remedies. They have a natural composition, therefore they are safe compared to hormonal drugs that are prescribed to women with menstrual problems. Nevertheless, before using them, you should consult with specialists, as they have contraindications and affect the hormonal balance of the body.

Menstrual irregularities can occur at any age. Various diseases, stresses, strict diets and poor sleep can cause them. Menopause is the inevitability of mature women. Typically, doctors in these situations prescribe natural medicines such as Remens or Chi-Klim. However, they contain different substances, so the effect of treatment will be different. Which drug is better?

Remens and Qi-Klim are homeopathic medicines. They are good because they include natural ingredients that gently affect the body. They have practically no side effects when compared with hormonal drugs that are prescribed for menstrual irregularities and menopause.

However, they are not analogues, although they are prescribed for similar indications. Which is better to choose?


Remens is a homeopathic remedy. It contains substances of plant (tsififuga, sanguinaria, pilocarpus) and animal (secretion of cuttlefish gland and snake venom) origin. It has anti-inflammatory, strengthening and immunostimulating properties. Used in gynecology.


Indications for appointment:

  • Menstrual irregularities.
  • Premenstrual syndrome.
  • Menopausal syndrome.
  • Endometritis.
  • Adnexitis.

Its substances act on the hormonal balance of the body, stabilizing the functioning of the hypothalamus-pituitary-ovary system. Rarely causes negative effects: allergic reactions or increased salivation. Does not cause an overdose.

Release Forms:

  1. 250 mg tablets in a package of 12, 24 and 36 pieces.
  2. Drops in a bottle of 50 ml and 100 ml.

Usually, 1 tablet or 10 drops is prescribed 3 times a day. It is taken after a meal.


  • Increased intolerance to the components.
  • Children’s age up to 12 years.

Pregnant and lactating women are prescribed it individually. It is released without a prescription.

Qi klim

Chi-Klim (or Chi-Klim) is a homeopathic estrogen-like herbal medicine. The main substance is tsififugi extract. It has a sedative effect and normalizes the autonomic nervous system.

Qi klim

Indications for appointment:

  • Psychoemotional and vegetovascular disorders in the menopausal and perimenopausal period.
  • Disorders associated with decreased estrogen levels during the menopause and perimenopause.

It is usually well tolerated, but can cause some side effects: allergic reactions, sometimes an increase in body weight or pain in the lower abdomen. With an overdose, liver dysfunction, gastralgia, or dyspepsia can occur.

Release Forms:

  1. 200 mg tablets of 20 pieces in blisters and 40, 60 and 90 pieces in a polymer jar.
  2. Drops 30 ml in a bottle.
  3. Vitamins 60 pieces per pack.
  4. Cream 50 ml (with hyaluronic acid).

Usually, 1 tablet is prescribed 2 times a day, regardless of the meal.


  • Increased intolerance to the components.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Estrogen-dependent tumors.

It is not recommended to use it simultaneously with antacids and tsififugu containing. It is released without a prescription.

Similarities of funds

Remens and Qi-Klim are used in gynecology and cope with similar symptoms of female ailments. However, there are few similarities between them:

  • Help with menopausal syndrome.
  • They have a natural composition.
  • Usually cause a negative effect only if the prescription is not followed.
  • They have almost the same form of release.
  • If medications are not taken correctly, they can hide the true clinical picture of pathologies and gynecological diseases.
  • Both are not very effective in the presence of serious hormonal disorders during menopause.
Differences of funds

There are many differences between them that need to be considered when appointing:

  1. They have a different composition: the first is most saturated with various substances and contains them not only of plant, but also of animal origin.
  2. It is also intended not only to eliminate menopausal syndrome, but the problems of the menstrual cycle.
  3. Qi-clim is contraindicated in pregnant and lactating women.
  4. Remens is safe in case of overdose, but Qi-Klim is not.
  5. It can also be combined with other medicines, while Qi-Klim is not with everyone.
  6. In Chi-Klima, the therapeutic effect occurs faster and lasts longer.
  7. Remens can be used in the treatment of gynecological diseases.
  8. It does not affect weight, while Qi-Klim can increase body weight.
  9. Remens contains snake venom, which is an immunostimulating substance.
  10. Qi-climate is cheaper.

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