Chronic cholecystitis

Chronic cholecystitis, the symptoms and treatment of which should be determined only specialist, is a serious disease. Today, the disease no one is immune. According to some estimates, most often this disease affects women. As for men, they suffer them less frequently.

What kind of disease what is the clinical picture and how to fight it?

Chronic cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder, an important organ that accumulates the bile needed for the digestion process. In addition, the gallbladder helps to eliminate all the pathogenic bacteria, and excretion of cholesterol. Improper gall bladder interferes with the normal functioning of the intestine.

The inflammatory process takes a long period of time. It is important that the inflammation may be aggravated a few times a year. If the patient is to delay treatment, in a short time, the condition is much worse, because in the absence of treatment will be the destruction of the tissues of the gallbladder. Thus, the food will be digested in the wrong mode, which will cause problems in the process throughout the digestive system.

The clinical picture of the disease

Before considering the treatment of chronic cholecystitis should discuss the clinical picture of the disease. Symptoms of chronic cholecystitis are very diverse. Often the signs of chronic cholecystitis very mild, so the patient and in no hurry to go to the doctor, writing off the symptoms of the disease on physical illnesses. This often leads to the progression of disease, occurrence of serious complications.

The initial symptoms of chronic cholecystitis are pain in the abdomen, and this pain can be both dull and sharp. Sometimes it subsides, sometimes amplified. Basically, these pains become more tangible after taking heavy fatty foods. In some cases pain in the absence of treatment last up to several weeks.

Feel pain can radiate to the right scapula or shoulder. They can also spread to the back or chest.

In some patients, abdominal pain may be accompanied by such symptoms as severe nausea and vomiting. These symptoms are typical for those cases when sick for a very long time adhered to diet, but were abruptly broken.

Along with pain, nausea and vomiting observed dysfunction of the bowel, which is manifested in alternating constipation and diarrhea, and also constant bloating. These symptoms can indicate diseases such as pancreatitis or gastritis, who are the satellites of chronic cholecystitis.

Very often the patient experiences the bitter taste or of metal in my mouth. If chronic cholecystitis is becoming acute form, the patient can increase the body temperature.

Treatment of chronic cholecystitis – the process is protracted. The patient during the illness feels full prostration. He often manifested severe irritability, lethargy. In addition, it has sharply reduced immunity, which leads to frequent colds.


Chronic cholecystitis is the disease is not easy. The patient very often have to endure excruciating pain and a number of other unpleasant signs. So often people faced with a similar ailment, it is very interesting to learn how to treat chronic cholecystitis. Is it possible treatment of folk remedies? It is worth remembering that attempts self-treatment can result in severe patient consequences, so a visit to the doctor will only benefit.

So, how to cure chronic cholecystitis, what are the methods? Mostly doctors when treatment with conservative method. This medical treatment includes various drugs and medications. In some cases, a doctor may be proposed and effective folk remedies. In the case of aggravation of the disease are indications for hospitalization. In chronic cholecystitis the patient usually spends in the hospital for about 10-14 days.

To ease patient suffering and soreness, the treatment is conducted in several directions. The main task – to prevent the occurrence of complications, and their prevention is necessary to restore the function of the gallbladder. To this end, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory drugs, medications to normalize the function of the entire digestive system and normalization of metabolism.

Effective assistance will antispasmodics. It can be But-Shpa, Papaverine. To restore the digestive system, are assigned to drugs such as zantac or Festal.


Prescribed diet involves a fractional power. It is not recommended to eat at night. The diet includes cooked foods and dishes prepared on pair. You can eat food cooked in the oven, but this should be done as infrequently as possible. From the soups will be better to give up. The patient can eat cheese, milk, fish.

Should impose a ban on the use of alcoholic and carbonated drinks. Better to refuse the baked goods and muffins. Eat fried, salty, spicy food is strictly prohibited. Food should be freshly cooked and warm. Such diet should be followed for patients during the year.

The refusal of the diet can lead to worsening of the disease and its further progression.

Folk remedies

Herbal medicine can also be beneficial in chronic cholecystitis.

Among the herbs are proven:

  • peppermint;
  • chamomile;
  • Valerian;
  • dandelion.

Helps juice of boiled beets (it can be mixed with lemon juice). It promotes the flow of bile. It should take half a Cup 2 times a day. However, this should be done not more than a week.

Folk remedies effective if you consume them in moderation. No methods of traditional medicine will not help without the provision of medical care and appropriate drug therapy.

A person with chronic cholecystitis is recommended to take health resort treatment.

Prevention of chronic cholecystitis is a very important event that should be followed to avoid deterioration and complications. Aside from proper diet the patient should lead an active way of life and in all the deviations to go to the doctor. It is important to follow the assigned diet.

Chronic cholecystitis is not a death sentence. At observance of all recommendations and doctor’s prescriptions can greatly improve their health and to forget about the painful symptoms.

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