Styling tools injure hair and break their structure

However, she gave us naughty curls instead of silky smooth strands (or straight hair instead of beautiful waves), and we wanted something completely different and we corrected these “flaws” with tongs and iron. The correspondent of SE learned how to make friends with a hair dryer and whether it is better to reconcile with natural data.

Let’s try to draw a familiar picture of the morning fees: in one hand – a cup of coffee, in the other – a hair dryer, working at full power – after all you have to dry the washed hair as quickly as possible!

And although we know that it is good to squeeze out the hair with a towel and allow them to dry themselves in the air, life does not provide such an opportunity.

The word “fen” came from the name of the company Foen, which established the release of this unit in the middle of the last century. She, in turn, borrowed the name from the name of the warm alpine breeze – “fen”. But the first “breeze” with which they dried their head was not warm – the temperature of the supplied air reached 90 ° C, so we live well – at the dawn of using hair dryers, hair was not spared.

Heat attack

What happens to the hair now, when the temperature of the supply air fluctuates within 60 ° C? “Under the influence of hot air, the hair is dried, its upper keratin layer is broken, traumatization begins,” says Olga Vylegzhanina, a dermatologist at the Clinic of Professor Pasman. Theoretically, it is not easier for the hair and for the impact on them of irons for straightening or curling irons:

“Let it be slight, but still the upper layer of hair when using hot objects is injured, which results in a curl or, vice versa, this curl straightens, and as a result, the hair loses its elasticity.” 

However, now there are many ways to make styling procedures less painful for the hair, which, unfortunately (or fortunately), do not have nerve endings and can not warn that it seems that now we will begin to die.

Once you can

At this horror story ends and instructions for survival begin. Let’s start with the frequency of using the styling tools. It is clear that on weekdays, those who wash their hair and do the packing in the morning (it is more logical to please the hairdress of colleagues, and not the pillow), inevitably encounter a hair dryer. But as soon as there is an opportunity not to dry hair – usually on weekends or in a hot time, when hair is released to fly freely to the wind, and the complex hair looks cumbersome – use it. So the dermatologist recommends: “Try to give your hair a rest, drying it naturally.”

Curling irons and ironing for straightening them should not be involved in styling every day: “Plaitings and ironing are better to use sometimes, in certain cases. Single exposure does not cause major damage, the doctor continues. “But often, especially every day, they should not be used – you can break the structure of your hair.”

Take good

Choose high-quality devices – they are now on the market a lot. Do not be stingy – most of the functions for which you need to pay extra, work for you: “In general, ionization is basically good and effective,” says Olga Vylegzhanina. “And in any case, a hair dryer with an ionizer acts on the hair more favorably than just dry hot air.”

Hair-master of the image laboratory “Person lab” Yevgeny Vasiliev is sure that even at home it is necessary to use devices designed for professionals:

“Professional hair dryers have more power, which reduces the time of exposure to the hair, and several temperature regimes allow to regulate the temperature”.

Also, the diffusers with which the hairdryers are supplied were first designed not as a means to impart volume, but as a way to dissipate the air wave, to dry not a strand, but immediately a large area, so they are ideal for quick drying.

Perhaps someone will remember how in the school years the bangs bent on Mama’s hearth, the hair hissed and eventually acquired the appearance of a bast. Modern quality plaques and irons should not be feared. The main thing is to use those that have a ceramic coating – unlike metal, it is gentle with strands. In addition, the temperature level can be adjusted: if the hair is thin and weak – choose the lowest level of heating.

Protective masks

Use cosmetic for thermal styling – they are specially created to protect hair when drying or smoothing. It can be a special thermospray or milk – when curling or smoothing, they must be used. Although, in general, and in ordinary foams and mousses, there is protection – after all, they are designed specifically for use in hot laying. In addition, do not neglect extra care: “If you often use a hairdryer, tongs or iron, then do not forget about moisturizing and nourishing hair masks and do them regularly, – advises the doctor. – Now you can find air conditioners, shampoos with a moisturizing component, created specifically for those who regularly dries and puts hair with a hairdryer. ”

And whether it is necessary?

Among other things, you need to monitor your diet, take vitamins, get enough sleep, avoid stress. All of us have heard this many times, we know that it helps, but we can not begin to apply. Another thing – to try to think about getting out of the vicious circle: the owner of curls wants to straighten them, and those with straight hair, – to twist. In both cases, hair does not get better, and we, perhaps, lose our individuality. Love yourself!

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