Fashionable cleaning methods may not be effective in losing weight

Numerous advertising, however, promises to solve all the problems – from acne to excessive centimeters – with the help of “the newest technologies of purification from slags.” 

What they are and whether they really affect the pimples and excess weight, the correspondent SHE learned from the doctors.

It is believed that a healthy body can be in a pure body. From calls to wash in the mornings and evenings no one refused, but many people want to “cleanse” from inside, so few are being solved. Often they simply do not know how, and why?

Slags and blocks

The civilized world today is going crazy with the word “detox” – it’s more popular than any fashionable diet. Detox, or total purification of the body is proclaimed as the only sure way to get rid of the load of all unnecessary. The slogan of the detox supporters is approximately this: “If your intestines are clogged with slags – no diet will help to lose weight, and if the pores of the skin are clogged – no cream will save you from wrinkles and dull color!”. In this regard, the measures are now aimed at the aggressive expulsion of mythical slags.

However, the term itself has come to our lexicon, it seems, from booklets to bioadditives.

“There is no concept of” slag “in medicine. This is a popular term, and the view that slagging the body – the cause of all ills with health, is somewhat exaggerated, the doctor-dietician of the Research Institute of Therapy Oksana Mikhailovna Bragina believes. “If the body were really” slagged, “it simply could not live.”

Do not, of course, strictly judge the misuse of the term, you just need to understand that the talk of distributors about the benefits of bioactive additives is far from always justified from the point of view of medicine. Under slags in the common people understand the unexplained toxins, metabolic products and other “evil spirits”, which, naturally, is in any living organism of the megacity. However, the body is a self-regulating system, and the intestine is given to us to remove unnecessary from the body.

During the winter, these processes really slow down:

“In the cold season, we choose more nourishing foods, often gaining extra pounds, and this affects the metabolic rate, especially if a person moves little, eats a lot of harmful food. 

Then the intestine really copes worse with its tasks, worse empties, thereby removing toxins, heavy metals and decay products of various drugs that we take, “Oksana Mikhailovna explains.

There is a way out

Bad work of the intestine really affects the skin condition and overall well-being of a person. “The inability of the body to remove all the harmful substances that accumulate in it supports many chronic diseases,” comments Vyacheslav Afonin, a specialist at Sana Medical Center. And chronic diseases, as is known, is the first cause of any problems with appearance – from imperfect silhouette to skin troubles.

“The skin is the same organ as everyone else. But our body is designed in such a way that it works primarily on vital internal organs, the skin remains “deprived”, and therefore it is she who reacts first to the problems of internal organs, “explains the beautician of the salon” Sante Estetic “Ekaterina Lebedko.

Therefore, no beautician will not be able to bring the skin in order, if the liver is parasitic, or if the intestines are working half-heartedly. The bottom line: the skin should be cleaned to make the skin clean and the mood cheerful. Usually in such cases, ladies go to the pharmacy for an enema or cleansing tea, and indeed, they can even lose weight: such teas have a diuretic and laxative effect. After expelling excess water, you will lose weight.

However, at the first opportunity he will return back. In addition, such teas can cause poor health: “Diuretics in such phyto-drugs lower blood pressure, and a person with vascular problems may feel bad. The most dangerous thing is that such patients usually do not “sin” at tea, but they cancel the medicines prescribed by the doctor, and this aggravates the situation, “Oksana Mikhailovna comments.

But as for the enema and hydrocolonotherapy – its modern version, then the doctors are almost unanimous: active washing of the intestine threatens the development of dysbiosis. 

In general, the opinion of doctors is approximately the following: the desire to get rid of toxins is not an occasion to expose oneself to torture and complicated procedures. It is enough to revise your diet, increase the number of foods containing dietary fiber (vegetables, greens, fruits, berries, whole-grain bread, cereals). So you will ensure the normal operation of the intestine.

Principle on the principle

If you decide to “clean up”, then do it in the most natural, safe and effective way – with the help of food.

The main principles of the clean-up program are as follows:

  1. Preparation: in about a month, start eating fewer high-calorie meals, gradually eliminate fatty and fried foods.
  2. For two weeks it is recommended to switch to vegetable food. Your diet should consist of vegetables, fruits and herbs.
  3. It is excluded: alcohol, coffee, carbohydrates, sweets, flour products.
  4. In the morning it is useful to drink a glass of water with lemon.
  5. Use sour-milk products that are rich in living bacteria.
Hunger is not an aunt.

It is better to abandon the idea of ​​hunger strikes. As Oksana Bragina says, you can only go hungry in a clinic under the supervision of a doctor. The fact is that a sharp decrease in the calorie content of the diet is a strong stress for the body, and it can begin to synthesize fats from proteins and carbohydrates, and this is fraught with an even greater weight set.

Of all the options for diets, doctors only call safe days: cottage cheese, milk, vegetable, fruit, protein and vegetable.

One day a week you can limit yourself, and this is even useful. Beforehand, it is worthwhile to scroll through the card about the state of health and visit the therapist if there are few entries in it (indicating that there are no serious diseases) or a specialist (if there are any ailments). So, with increased acidity of the stomach, you can be harmed by raw apples, and with some endocrine disruptions, sour-milk days are not suitable.

Potato days, on the contrary, can be useful at increased pressure, although the starchy root usually dislikes the thin ones. This once again indicates that not all of our knowledge of the world is relevant when we decide to improve, and it is better to first talk with those who understand this issue.

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