Why the stones are formed in the liver

The gallstones appear much less frequently than, for example, in the gall bladder. The liver plays a vital role in the functioning of the body, it performs functions that cannot be artificially replaced.

This is a fundamental difference to the liver from other organs.

Another feature – a small number of nerve endings, therefore, many liver diseases are detected at later stages. Doctors believe that the gallstones there are many people in the cities, but because pain and discomfort do not exist, they are just not aware of it.

Why are the stones?

The main reason for the formation of stones in the liver is a change in the composition of bile consists of water, mucus, bilirubin, cholesterol, bile salts, enzymes and bacteria. For example, at increase cholesterol levels of salt, main task of which is its dissolution, does not cope with its task. The result is the formation of cholesterol seals, which are one of the varieties of stones in the liver. The composition of bile may change and excess of bilirubin. In this case there are spots of black or brown.

In the early stages of compaction are small crystals, preventing the flow of bile. They gradually increase in size and are interconnected, formed as a result of the real stones. Gradually, they fall in the hepatic ducts, clog them. As a result, changing the movement of bile, violations of the digestive processes.

Scholars have identified other reasons for the appearance of stones in this important body.

These include:

  • overeating, lack of mode and food culture;
  • overindulgence in alcoholic beverages;
  • hormonal, birth control pills and drugs that reduce cholesterol;
  • sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical activity;
  • infectious diseases of the liver;
  • hormonal failures and violations.

If the body receives too large a quantity of food, the liver can no longer cope with the workload.

The blood insufficient to hepatic lobules, the result changes the composition of bile and the stones. For this reason, try to eat at the same time, do not skip Breakfast, lunch or dinner.

How to detect the stones in the liver?

Often people go to the doctor too late, when the disease is already advanced and does have captured one or another organ. This can be avoided and diagnose disease in its early stages, if you listen to the signals that the body gives us. So what are the symptoms may indicate gallstones?

These include:

  • colic in the liver, which is manifested in the form of drilling and burning pain that can move in the forearm, lower back, under the shoulder blade and even in the right jaw;
  • dark urine;
  • dry mouth;
  • nausea and vomiting;
  • constipation;
  • pain in region of heart;
  • rarely fainting and convulsions;
  • brown spots on the skin;
  • yellow coating on the tongue.

For a long time the stones in the liver can not be felt.

More complicated diagnosis of the disease because symptoms can talk about other diseases such as pancreatitis, pneumonia or stroke.

How to treat the disease?

First of all, you must not ignore the symptoms and consult a doctor who will put reliable diagnosis. Upon detection of the disease, the patient will be assigned a special diet for stones in the liver and to plan the treatment.

Conventional medicine offers several treatment options disease.

  1. Medication, when prescribed a special medication. However, this method is not very popular, because the drugs must be taken for a long time. Even if they get crushed stones to sand, they can form again, because the cause is not resolved. And it may happen, that the medication will not give the desired effect, the stones will remain intact, the time will be hopelessly lost and the disease will move to the next stage. Therefore, this method is risky and even dangerous.
  2. If the stones are not too large in size, effective method of crushing them with ultrasound. If thus breaking large rocks, they are large pieces can clog the ducts and to injure, to damage the gall bladder. Removing them surgically is very painful for the patient.
  3. Like the ultrasound acts on the stones in the liver the laser. This makes small incisions and injected into the body with special devices which act on the stones and destroy them. Such an operation can only do highly skilled: one wrong move and the laser will not operate in formation in the liver, and its mucous membrane, which threatens strong burns.
  4. Surgery was and remains the most effective and common method of removing stones from the liver. More recently it had to cut the abdominal cavity. Modern doctors use the method of laparoscopic surgery, when several piercings of the peritoneum replaces the slit. An obvious advantage of such operation is small, the blood loss by the patient, reducing the risk of complications and faster recovery.
Is there any traditional treatments?

Representatives of alternative medicine believe that it is possible to cope with the disease folk remedies.

Some of them will cite an example:

  • daily drink a glass of radish juice;
  • 2-3 cups of infusion of flowers Helichrysum destroy stones;
  • to drink 10 consecutive cups of hot tea for 15 minutes, supposedly it will soften the stones and make them into sand;
  • drink every day for 4 cups of infusion of birch leaves.

Before treated with folk remedies, consult your doctor: only he can answer whether your chosen recipe effective in this case.

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