Getting tickets to blame the liver

Research – the thing is absolutely fantastic. In the sense that sometimes scientists are able to detect the connection between the phenomena, at first glance unconnected, or another option, the actions of a person and what is happening at this time in his body.

For example, recently published a new and unexpected data: Russian scientists have discovered that reckless driving is to blame not only the Russian mentality and Nikolai Gogol, Peru which belongs to the phrase “What Russian does not love fast driving”, but the condition of the liver drivers.

Fatigue, concentration, reaction: what affects the liver

The study, conducted by leading Russian experts under the leadership of chief hepatologist of the Ministry of health of the Moscow region Pavel O. Bogomolov, it was discovered that disorders of the liver affect the quality of driving, since it is accompanied by symptoms such as reduced concentration, slowing of reaction speed and excessive fatigue.

The liver is the main filter of the body, like a vacuum cleaner cleans the blood of toxins. When the liver is disturbed, the toxins accumulate. The most dangerous toxin in the body is ammonia: it reduces concentration, causes fatigue and weakness, leading to sleep disturbance.

The study involved 60 men aged 20 to 45 years old with driving experience at least 3 years, which often received fines for traffic violations and was found guilty of several accidents over the past 3 years. An important criterion for the selection of participants was the presence of a liver disease at an early stage, with virtually no symptoms.

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At the beginning of the study, drivers were tested, which showed that the concentration of attention and speed of reaction in their case is not as good as I would like. Received the results of tests, scientists realized that all of this is obviously due to the high content of ammonia in the blood and high content in the body of toxic substances that adversely affect the nervous system. The reason of this intoxication was a violation of the state of the liver, namely, its cleansing function.

Does this mean that people who have abnormalities in liver function (such as, if you believe the statistics, about 40% of the total population of Russia), generally it is better to give up driving? Fortunately, no. But you can take measures to minimize possible risks, must.

How to protect the liver and improve the quality of life and driving

In the study, the participants appointed a German hepatoprotector HEPA-Merz, which reduces the level of toxic ammonia, to see whether the impact of detox and improving the work of important on the quality of driving. Included in it are the natural amino acids L‑ornithine and L-aspartate, as shown in clinical studies to help cleanse the entire body, restore energy to the cells of the liver that is necessary for its proper functioning, and lead to normal key performance indicators “liver” tests, including ALT, AST and GGTP.

HEPA-Merz – hepatoprotector with the L‑ornithine and L-aspartate, effectively reducing the level of ammonia and markedly improve liver function by restoring cell energy and normalize key performance indicators (ALT, AST, GGTP). In addition to cleansing the body of toxins and improving liver, HEPA-Merz normalizes metabolism, helping to reduce feelings of fatigue, development of insulin and growth hormone, improve protein metabolism. The drug begins to act in 20 minutes after intake and its rate is just 1 month (with the first visible results already after 10 days).

The study of the drivers there was a reduction of ammonia level in the blood. In other words, the main problem was solved. Control tests showed that the activity of the liver of the study participants returned to normal, which significantly improved the functioning of the nervous system (ie: attention, reaction, concentration). It is also interesting that, according to traffic police, for 12 months of the survey period, the drivers, the volunteers did not get into any accident.

“Liver disease is extremely diverse. But they are often asymptomatic, and people just do not realize about their condition,” comments Pavel Bogomolov. Of course, accurate data is always better to go to the doctor, but the first step on the path to a healthy liver you can do right now. Pass the test, which is only 40 seconds will help you determine how well your liver cleanses the body of toxic ammonia.

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