Pinosol in the form of a spray or Pinosol in the form of drops, which is more effective

Both drugs have the same composition and active substance. They have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, reduce swelling. In addition, both spray and drops have an effect against strains and fungi. Oils, which are part of the composition, have a healing effect, activate the outflow of blood into the nasal cavity. And thymol, which is part of the composition, has antibacterial action. That one, that another drug is available in one dosage, is also the same course of treatment. Allowed for children, pregnant and lactating. Virtually no contraindications and adverse reactions, completely natural.

Sometimes they cause an allergic reaction in the form of itching, burning or swelling. But allergy occurs with individual intolerance to one of the components. Due to its natural composition, the drug is not addictive and is well tolerated. But do not forget that “Pinosol” treats a runny nose, and does not remove the symptoms, so the effect will come in 1-2 days. There is no danger of overdose.

Although the drugs are analogues of each other, still they have a couple of differences. They differ slightly in excipients, in the drops there is a synthetic extract of chamomile. Drops are allowed for children from 2 years old, spray is allowed from 3. Drops can be used for solutions for inhalation and applied with cotton swabs for 5-10 minutes. The spray can be used longer during treatment for several days.

The spray is suitable for adults and children over 3 years old, suffering from a runny nose, chronic rhinitis, dryness in the nasal cavity. It also acts as a preventive and supportive agent after surgical intervention in the nasal cavity. It can not be used in the treatment of rhinitis in newborns. It has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.

Drops are suitable for adults and children over 2 years of age, in special cases it is prescribed for children up to a year. It can be used as a solution for inhalation or put cotton swabs in the nasal passages. Thanks to chamomile extract, it has a calming effect. In drops there are vitamins D and E, which contribute to the regeneration and maintenance of immunity.

The drug “Pinosol” copes well with the common cold, inflammatory processes and antibacterial properties. Suitable for adults, children, pregnant and lactating. Virtually no contraindications, eliminates overdose and addiction. Before treatment, consult a doctor, and then choose a medicine that is right for you.

The drug “Pinasol” is prescribed for children and adults for the treatment and prevention of inflammation of the respiratory tract. It is also prescribed to improve the sense of smell. Sometimes a doctor prescribes a medicine in the form of a spray or in the form of drops. But which Pinosol is still better?

Pinosol Spray

The drug has anti-inflammatory, vasoconstrictive and antibacterial effects. The active substance is pine oil. Available in the form of a spray in a jar of dark glass of 10 ml. It is released without a doctor’s prescription. Shelf life 2 years, stored in a dark place at a temperature not exceeding 25 degrees Celsius. It acts as an oily liquid of dark green or blue colors. It is convenient to use, you can carry with you without worrying that the bottle will tip over and spill.

Pinosol Spray


Relieves puffiness and reduces the amount of mucus, is resistant to fungi and strains of infections.

Indications for use

It is used to eliminate nasal congestion and with such diseases:

  • Rhinitis.
  • Pathology in the airways.
  • To restore the mucosa after surgery in the nasal cavity.

Contraindications include age up to 2 years and individual intolerance to the components.

Instruction manual

The spray is prescribed for adults and children over 3 years of age from 3 to 6 times a day, one dose in each nasal passage. The recommended course of treatment is 10 days.

special instructions

Before treatment, you should consult your local GP. If symptoms occur, such as burning, itching, or swelling, discontinue treatment with the medicine. These are symptoms of an allergic reaction.

Pinosol drops

It has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effects. Available in the form of drops, in a bottle of 10 ml of dark glass. The active substance is pine, eucalyptus and peppermint oil. It is available without a doctor’s prescription. Shelf life 3 years. Store in a dark place at a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius. The consistency is oil, dark green or blue.

Pinosol drops


It has an antimycotic effect.

Indications for use
  • Chronic and acute rhinitis.
  • Inflammation in the nasopharynx.
  • For the prevention of inflammatory processes.

Contraindications include allergic rhinitis and individual intolerance to the components.

Instructions for use

Adults are prescribed 1 day 1-2 drops in each nasal passage every 4 hours. In the following days, the same dosage, but with a large interval – 5-6 hours.

Children are prescribed 1-2 drops 1-2 times a day. Sometimes “Pinosol” in the form of drops is prescribed for inhalation. 2 ml of the solution is added to the nebulizer, treatment for 2-3 days. The course of treatment is 5-7 days.

“Pinosol” during pregnancy and breastfeeding

The use of the drug during pregnancy does not affect the fetus and it is not prohibited to use the drug during breastfeeding.

Pinosol for children

The drug is prescribed in the form of drops for children from 2 years old, in the form of a spray from 3 years old. It is prescribed for acute bacterial or viral rhinitis. For small patients, one drop is prescribed, no more than 4 times a day. The use of drops on cotton wool turundas is allowed. Duration of application is up to 10 minutes. Spray and drops have only a natural composition, so it is in demand among mothers.

special instructions

Before starting treatment, you need to check the body’s reaction to the drug in order to exclude allergies.

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