Alcoholic hepatitis how to treat

Alcohol abuse negatively affects the condition of the body and leads to disease such as alcoholic hepatitis. The symptoms and treatment of this disease deserve special attention.

What is this disease

Alcoholic hepatitis is a complex of inflammatory and degenerative lesions of liver cells caused by alcohol abuse is the most common cause of cirrhosis development. It is known that the decomposition of alcohol in the liver is formed a substance called acetaldehyde, which leads to damage of liver cells – hepatocytes.

Alcoholic hepatitis develops when a person for a long time constantly consume alcohol. Moreover, studies show that, in order to start the development of the disease, the man need to consume 40 g of pure alcohol per day, and the woman is 20 g. For teenagers, this level is even lower – 10 g of pure alcohol. It is so much contained in one 0.5-liter bottle of beer.

It is noticed that women are more susceptible to develop such illness. In addition, the risk of Contracting with the individuals who take certain drugs that have a negative impact on the liver. And those who already have viral hepatitis. Therefore, hepatitis C and alcohol are mutually exclusive concepts.

Thus in contrast to the owners of the other varieties of this illness, people with alcoholic hepatitis does not bear absolutely no danger to others. Of infection impossible.

The symptoms of the disease:

  • nausea and vomiting, reduction of body weight;
  • asthenia, feeling of heaviness and pain in the right upper quadrant;
  • icteric hue of skin and mucous membranes, itching.
The types of the disease

There are 2 varieties of the disease:

  1. Persistent. Is considered a more mild form. If her liver damage is not too strong, and may reverse the development process, if the patient refuses alcohol and will be engaged in restoration of the liver. Otherwise, this form will go into the progressive.
  2. Progressive. In this form the livers are pockets of necrotic tissue. It is this form leads to cirrhosis. Timely treatment will stop the disease process, however, the effects of hepatitis will remain with the person forever.

In addition, the nature of the flow distinguish between acute and chronic alcoholic hepatitis:

  1. Acute alcoholic hepatitis. Rapidly progressive disease, which has 4 types: icteric, latent, fulminant and cholestatic. Each species has its own characteristics, but they usually occur on the background of the binge with the existing violations of the liver. The most common icteric form. The disease is quite severe and can lead to such consequences as hepatic coma, especially if such a patient has developed cirrhosis.
  2. Chronic alcoholic hepatitis. With this ailment the symptoms for a long time even may be missing. The development of the disease is very slow, it can take years. Over time, there are complaints of pain in the hypochondrium, nausea and vomiting, jaundice. Diagnosed strengthening of the syndrome of cholestasis.
Therapy disease

Treatment of alcoholic hepatitis is, first and foremost, a complete rejection of alcohol beverages. Only in this case it is possible to suspend the destruction of liver cells. Although, statistics show that more than 2/3 of patients continue to drink alcohol during treatment. Of course, such patients are difficult to do without the help of a psychologist and a psychiatrist.

Another feature of treatment is adherence to a high-calorie diet. After all, most suffering from this disease patients, there is malnutrition. Therefore, daily calorie intake during treatment should not be less than 2000 kcal, with a balanced content of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Such patients should be consumed and vitamins, especially folic acid and vitamin B. Such food provides the diet №5, which, on the one hand, provide good nutrition, and on the other – spares damaged organ.

Also used medicines. In the case of severe are assigned short courses of antibiotics. Preference in this case is given to drugs of the fluoroquinolone group. Be sure to apply hepatoprotectors – a group of drugs that restore liver function and improve its work.

Modern pharmacological market offers a lot of such medicines. However, to find such a drug must doctor. The course of treatment with hepatoprotectors – about 3 months. Treatment of alcoholic hepatitis surgical methods are rarely used. In the most severe cases possible liver transplantation. However, this is a very expensive operation, which is used for such patients are extremely rare.

Chronic alcoholic hepatitis – a disease of serious and heavy. Therefore, it is necessary to responsibly manage the use of alcoholic beverages. Especially to refrain from they need youth and people suffering from liver diseases. Drinking alcohol With hepatitis C and other liver ailments – a direct path to destruction of the liver.

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