Frequent headaches cause treatment

Headache is an extremely common symptom that appears for different reasons. However, many believe it to be a fact, not worthy of special attention.

In extreme cases, treatment is limited to pain relief.

In fact, frequent headaches can be a symptom of serious disorders and if the reason for not timely diagnosed, it can be part of not only health, but life.

Why headache?

The most common cause of headache is a violation of the circulatory system of the head and, accordingly, deterioration of the power of the brain. This deterioration in the tone of blood vessels, atherosclerotic changes in the vascular system. To diagnose such pathology can only be a doctor, but as most people prefer to self-medicate, there is a high probability of occurrence of pathologies, leading to a prolonged and severe diseases (stroke, for example).

If a person has very often a headache, and visible reason for its occurrence do not exist – you need to immediately consult a doctor.

High or low blood pressure is also in the list of common causes of frequent headaches. Hypertension is a disease that affects not only the elderly. The danger is that it begins quietly, for a human. The intensity and frequency of headaches increases gradually and the patient recalls, when the disease is already in a neglected chronic condition. Because the headache is almost the only notable symptom of the beginning of hypertension, to neglect them is not worth it.

A very common such cause, as disease of the spine. This is a cervical osteochondrosis. In this disease occur circulatory disorders associated with spasm of the cervical artery. Today, according to statistics cervical osteochondrosis often ill young people leading a sedentary lifestyle and spend too much time at the computer.

There are other reasons for frequent headaches complain overall healthy people. It is primarily a spasm or strain of neck muscles and shoulder girdle. It occurs as the result of a prolonged stay in an uncomfortable or one position. Usually those Chia work involves a computer or being in the same position. During spasm of the compressed vessels, and poor blood circulation triggers headaches stress.

Mass the cause of frequent headaches are stress factorswhich most strongly affected the inhabitants of megacities. This excess noise, plenty of pulses, disturbance of sleep and wakefulness – it all leads to the fact that a person without apparent cause and clear pathology headache.

Individual words deserves such a frequent cause of headaches as migraine. It is a common neurological disease, which in the modern world suffers every tenth inhabitant, especially women. Feature headaches associated with migraine is. they leak very badly and almost completely deprive human health from several hours to several days. In turn, the headache is most often caused by negative emotions, stress, increased psychological stress that experiencing modern urban residents.

Another reason for pain can be transferred to injuries and intoxication (poisoning) of the body.

Diagnosis: what to pay attention?

Completely and forever get rid of pain in the head is unlikely to succeed, so a lot of reasons for its occurrence, however, to pay attention to each case is necessary.

  1. With the appearance of frequent headaches, you need to highlight the immediate occasion, which is associated with their appearance (if possible), to localize the site of pain, to determine its nature.
  2. Also pay attention to the painful symptoms that accompany the pain. This may be nausea, flickering eyes, dizziness and loss of orientation in space.
  3. Much depends on the age of the patient and his lifestyle, character of diseases and injuries.
From this information depends on the treatment and first aid.

Many types of pain is clearly localized and associated with certain diseases.

  • So, if the headache is accompanied by nausea and vomiting, and after vomiting occurs a pronounced relief, then there is a poisoning of the body. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate its cause. In acute poisoning, the reason is likely tied to food, suggests chronic disruption of the functioning of the liver.
  • If after vomiting the headache is still intense, then you should pay attention on its location and severity. Throbbing paroxysmal pain, with a clear localization on one side of the head – perhaps it’s a migraine. Non-localized diffuse pain may indicate the dysfunction of vessels, intracranial pressure or even neoplastic processes. In this case we recommend an urgent appeal to the doctor.
  • If the pain is centered in the occipital region, and at sharp turns of the head dizziness occurs and the crunch of vertebrae, it is most likely cervical osteochondrosis. With such a headache to help cope massage the neck area, and procedures aimed at the treatment of the spine. Of course, you first need to pass the examination, e.g., MRI. Usually after this course of treatment, the headache disappears permanently.
  • If you often have pain in the temporal region we can assume fatigue and strain on neck muscles and shoulder girdle. The treatment in this case is symptomatic. This usually analgesics and actions aimed at eliminating the spasms. Massage, physical culture, care – carrying out of manipulations, allowing to achieve relaxation “sandwiched” muscles.

To talk about preventing the headaches only if we are talking about sensations, caused by psychological state of the patient or his way of life.

  • The pain of tension and migraine. In such cases, the pain is often comes under the influence of one or more factors. If they are excluded, you will be able to prevent the onset of headaches.

Such precipitating factors may include the following:

  1. stay in a poorly ventilated stuffy room;
  2. the presence of strong or unpleasant odors (perfumes, flowers, paint, etc.);
  3. being under the open sun;
  4. strong physical exertion, especially if the body is weakened;
  5. strong and prolonged noise exposure (music, sharp signals, noisy street, etc.);
  6. strong mental overload, depression, stress;
  7. for long periods in an awkward position or without movement;
  8. the fluid deficit, malnutrition;
  9. lack of sleep, violation of the normal mode;
  10. a sharp change of time zones during flights.
  • In some cases, the headache may occur at a certain age. For example, adolescents in puberty, when there is an intensive growth of the organism and the cardiovascular system slow to adapt to rapid growth. There are fluctuations in blood pressure, leading to headaches. Sometimes the doctors diagnosed as “Vegetative-vascular dystonia” (VVD).
Prevention and treatment

Effective prevention of headache involves a certain knowledge of its causes.

If the causes are related to lifestyle of a person, his professional activities and the environment, the prevention may be as follows:

  • traumatic avoidance of precipitating environmental factors (for example, not to appear on the street in the heat);
  • the systematic classes of physical culture. Here it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of exercise program or sport, as headaches when a strong physical exertion are excluded, you need expert advice in the planning of motor activity;
  • the observance of a day regimen and nutrition. As it is banal sounds, but sedentary lifestyle allows the body to more effectively cope with stress forming factors, and, accordingly, to avoid pain.
  • observance of sleep is essential to prevention. Enough sleep helps to normalize blood circulation, normal functioning of the brain.

If the headaches their cause have a disease that needs systemic treatment of this disease.

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