Swine flu symptoms in a child

Pandemic flu develops very quickly: no more than 1-4 days pass from the moment of infection. It is impossible to say with certain confidence which symptoms manifest themselves in the first place.

Some children first have a dry cough, others have a fever, so the symptoms of the disease are listed in no particular order:

  • the symptoms of swine flu in a child are expressed in a dry cough, gradually turning into a wet one;
  • high body temperature, they often reach 40 ᵒC;
  • tickling, dryness, pain and discomfort in the throat;
  • runny nose;
  • chills, weakness, pain in muscles and chest;
  • if a child has any chronic diseases, then they become active against the background of infection;
  • affects the digestive tract. A child may suffer from nausea, vomiting, diarrhea;
  • signs of swine flu in children are associated with a headache spreading to the temples, forehead and above the eyes. At the same time, the last watering and blushing;
  • the complexion changes, which can be both red and earthy yellow;

In the past 50 years, the H1N1 flu virus has infected pigs, but in 2009, people developed symptoms of infection. The infection is especially dangerous for very young children, whose immune system is not yet sufficiently formed. The main feature of the virus is its ability in a short time to penetrate the very depth of the lungs and bronchi and cause the development of pneumonia.

Treatment of children’s swine flu

We already talked about how to cure swine flu in adults in one of our articles, now let’s talk about children. The main methods of treatment for this category of citizens are reduced to specific therapy with antiviral agents for swine flu. In addition, measures are being taken to eliminate the symptoms and increase the resistance of the child’s body infection.

Organizational and regime activities include the following actions.

  1. Call a doctor at home. Self-treatment in this case is prohibited!
  2. Spending most of the day in bed.
  3. The child needs to be given more drink. Well, if it is herbal teas (in the absence of allergies to herbs), fruit drinks, fruit drinks, especially with the addition of fresh raspberries. When vomiting is important to compensate for the loss of potassium salts. This will help the solution “Regidrona” or mineral water like “Borjomi” and “Narzan”. The latter will help with sore throat.
  4. If not everyone is sick in the family, then healthy people should protect themselves with a mask. It is not recommended to wear it to a baby, as it is difficult for him to breathe.
  5. To often ventilate the room, if possible, you must buy a humidifier.
  6. The temperature can be shot down by wiping the baby’s body with a warm solution of water and vinegar, taken in equal shares. You can prepare the following composition: mix water, vodka and vinegar in a ratio of 2: 1: 1.
  7. Food should be gentle, containing large amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Treatment of swine flu in children is carried out using the following drugs:

  1. It is necessary as early as possible to start giving your child anti-virus drugs. It can be Arbidol, Ergoferon, Cycloferon, candles Genferon, Kipferon and Viferon. Tamiflu is very effective. The dosage is prescribed by a doctor depending on the age and weight of the child, but it is contraindicated for babies under one year old. For severe headaches and confusion, you must notify the doctor about these side effects and choose another drug.
  2. Inhalation with “Relenza” will help to improve the condition of the child, but it must be remembered that they are not done at high temperature, besides the drug is contraindicated in patients with asthma and chronic bronchitis.
  3. When dry cough drugs are shown for the treatment of such cough, for example, Sinekod. When it ceases to be productive, it is necessary to replace it with “Lasolvan”. With the latest drug can be done and inhalation, but in the absence of heat.
  4. You can fight temperature with the help of Nurofen, Nimulida, Ibuklina Junior, Tsefekon candles. In any case, you must take into account the age of the patient. However, aspirin is not recommended for children.
  5. Rinse the nose with sea water, and then apply vasoconstrictor preparations, for example, “Nazivin”. Among those recommended for children, “Vibrocil”, “Polydex”, “Rinofluimucil” can be mentioned.
  6. At the accession of a bacterial infection, the development of pneumonia or bronchitis, antibiotics are prescribed, from which Sumamed can be distinguished.
  7. It is necessary to support the body with a vitamin-mineral complex, for example, “Alphabet” or “Vitamins”. At a minimum, purchase ascorbic acid.

For pandemic flu is characterized by a wave-like course. That is, at one point it may seem that the child has become better, but after some time the virus “covers” with a new force. Therefore, in any case, treatment can not be thrown, antibiotics, if necessary, you can drink up to 5-7 days inclusive.

Prevention of swine flu in children

To comply with preventive measures, you must:

  1. Do not refuse vaccinations, which offer to do in kindergarten or school.
  2. During the period of the epidemic, there will be no crowds of people. If possible, wait out the peak of the infection at home, and if it is necessary to go beyond it, protect the face with a mask or, at a minimum, lubricate the sinuses with Oksolin or Viferon ointment.
  3. Wash hands more often and be sure to do it with soap.
  4. Prevention of swine flu in children involves the use of a rather large amount of fruits and vegetables. If the child does not resist, give him garlic and onions in small quantities. You can even make the medal disinfecting air yourself: hang a plastic container from a Kinder Surprise chocolate egg on a string. Make holes in it, and put garlic or onions inwards and let the child constantly carry it around his neck.

Drugs for prophylaxis:

  • Antiviral drugs: Arbidol, Ergoferon, Cycloferon. The instructions for the drugs describe in detail how to take them during epidemics to protect against infection;
  • Most drugs designed to fight viruses also have an immunostimulating effect, so taking something extra is not required. However, you can consult a doctor and drink something like “Bronhomunala” in the spring and autumn period;
  • vitamins – “Alphabet”, “Kaltsinova”, “Vitamishki”.

Remember, the swine flu virus is very dangerous – provide control over the treatment by a doctor and do not refuse hospitalization if it is offered. In severe cases, respiratory and heart failure may develop and the child will die. Be carefull.

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