What if bruises appear for no reason

Bruising is the damage of capillaries located under the skin. The mechanism of their formation is simple: hit – capillaries suffered flowed from their blood formed subcutaneous hematoma, the bruise. If you do not hit, and the hematoma is, then, the capillaries are damaged for some other reason.

Why do I get bruises

Outset: even bruising for no reason reason, of course. Just hidden.

If bruising for no reason appear regularly, so the capillaries suffer because of some internal malfunction of the body.

Lifehacker collected 7 most common occasions.

1. Deficiency of vitamins and minerals

Some vitamins (e.g., B12) is largely responsible for the blood’s ability to clot. Others – the same vitamin C for strength of the walls of blood vessels, including the smallest capillaries. Zinc and iron – the elements necessary for rapid healing of various injuries, including capillary. Bioflavonoids (citrin, rutin, catechin and quercetin) also affect the condition of the capillary walls.

Deficiency of these substances the bruises appear much easier and more frequently than usual, the vessels become brittle and fragile, and the body does not have enough forces to quickly block bleeding.

2. Strength training

Associated with the physical activity stress can provoke the rupture of blood vessels. Look into the eyes of the athletes, lifting record weight – notice the broken blood vessels around the pupil. And some “lucky” even blood from the nose is at a particularly intense approach.

Capillaries under the skin of the limbs and torso is also a concern, so the bruises on the body – a predictable rotation if excessive passion for the rod and other elements of the power of fitness.

3. The intake of certain medications and dietary supplements

Popular painkillers – ibuprofen and aspirin thin the blood and reduce its ability to clot. The same is true of corticosteroids, as well as many favorite supplements – fish oil and Ginkgo biloba.

Yes there is! Even garlic with excessive use can cause poor blood clotting. And this – a direct path to the formation of quite extensive hematomas even in the most minor bumps.

4. Aging

With age, the skin thins, becoming more pale and transparent. Because of this, even a small hematoma, which in my youth you wouldn’t have noticed, clearly beginning to Shine through the skin. The changes relate to the blood vessels: they become more fragile and break easily from minor injuries.

An obvious example of such changes – a disease called senile purpura, accompanied by the appearance of bruising. This disease affects 10% of people older than 50 years.

5. Existing or developing diabetes

Diabetes is not only about the level of blood sugar. The metabolic disorders affect the entire body, including the circulatory system. The symptoms are the same as above: the vessels become more brittle, worse blood clots and bruising appear, it seems, even from the wind.

6. Diseases associated with bleeding disorders

Von Willebrand disease, thrombophilia, thrombocytopenia… of these diseases are inherited, part acquired, but they all have a common symptom: bruises formed almost without reason.

7. Oncology

In particular, talking about leukemia. One of the first symptoms of this disease is the appearance of bruises of unknown origin all over her body. Again, this is due to the rapidly deteriorating blood clotting.

What if bruises appear for no reason

If you carefully read the text above, you are already clear: the bruising may be quite innocent, and may indicate serious problems.

To not miss a moment of the emergence of a truly terrible disease, it is important to be mindful of bruises, the origin of which you are unsure.

See how the bruises behave in the following days. If they persistently do not heal, increase in size or new unexplained bruises, you need to contact the therapist.

If all goes well and the tests will not show trouble, the doctor will recommend you to:

  1. To adjust the diet to receive the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals.
  2. Less zealous in training.
  3. To abandon blood-thinning medications and supplements, replacing them with analogs.
  4. Use the creams and ointments that strengthen the walls of blood vessels.

Normal this is enough to rid the skin of unsightly bruises and to prevent their occurrence in future.

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