AS ONCE and for all solve the problem of excess weight

Many believe that dieting is the right way to stay beautiful and graceful. However, this only worsens the situation. The only way out is acceptance.

And the theme has not lost its relevance. A huge number of people sitting on a diet, believing that it is the only way to lose weight. They deprive themselves of foods that they like, and even feel guilty when you can’t control yourself, allowing you to eat the forbidden fruit.

Obviously, sitting on a diet, most people lose control and give herself a promise that more never so will not do.

Liz Burbo: Adoption is the only way to deal with weight problems

If people get fat just from eating, why, then, do so many people remain thin all his life? Some of them never afford anything not refuse, and even when they eat more than the body needs, they do not gain weight.

First, what is “to be thin”? It is a relative concept. I recently met a woman who at the age of 73 years old wears a size four (34 European), but feels too full. And most people consider it very thin.

Change your relationship to food. I can say that the way you eat, can never lead to weight gain. But why the body gains weight? The real problem is not the food, and the relation of man to food. In my book, “Listen and eat: down with control” I list the reasons why people accept food in addition to meet the needs of the physical body.

First, what is “to be thin”? It is a relative concept.

Often, even when our physical body needs food, we eat foods that we don’t need. Why? Because we are not able to hear your emotional and mental needs. How you nourish your physical body always only a reflection of how we have my other two bodies. And that’s why the body puts a “reserve” all that we eat: it does not acquire something at the moment does not need.

Also, the increase in body mass is affected by guilt. The guilt associated with such thoughts: I eat too much, I’m a glutton, I have no willpower, I had to leave early from the table, now I’m more controlled, I’ll be on another diet, etc. And he hears our body? I need to save money, because I expect hardship.

The slightest sense of guilt prevents the digestive system to digest, assimilate and excrete the waste in which it does not need. Unfortunately, most people are not aware of the moments in which they feel a sense of guilt, believing that they are what they are. It is therefore very important to be attentive to the voice inside of you (the ego) that tell you what to eat impossible.

And here’s another way to understand your own degree of fault: watch do you take loved ones when they eat everything at any time? Do not read if you want morality? You may condemn them mentally? No matter whether you talk about it out loud or not, every time condemning someone, you condemn yourself in those moments when you behave the same way.

Realizing that you have feelings of guilt, accept it and remember that terms with the guilt you said not your heart, and your ego. Because ego likes to scare and condemn us. But it believes that helps you and doesn’t know other ways to help. He always has good intentions, just like you, when you condemn another person.

Adoption is the only way to deal with weight problems. True acceptance is the only way to get rid of problems related to nutrition and weight. By accepting yourself, you will be in your heart, and your digestive system will work perfectly fine, I guarantee it.

You can tell your ego: I know you’re afraid I’ll be okay if I continued to eat, not listening to the true needs of my body, but now it helps me to solve my psychological problem. Thank you for warning me, and I guarantee you that I will be able to cope with the arisen in connection with the consequences.

Also, you can thank your body for what it helped you to digest and excrete those foods that your body doesn’t need. You can tell him what kind of need you satisfy with food, such as meals helps you feel important, or do you reward yourself or numb the loneliness, etc. Can add that you just learn to be conscious and gradually, you will be better aware of their true needs. When this happens and you don’t know yet.

All your being wishes you only happiness. This is possible only in the heart, that is, just allowing yourself to be human, with their fears and weaknesses.

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