Cystitis. Causes, treatment, prevention of cystitis.

Cystitis,or inflammation of the lining of the bladder, common disease. From childhood to adulthood occurs almost always in women and in older age in men.

Cystitis in women causes.

In women between 20 and 40 years inflammation of the urinary bladder is the most common urological disease. Hypothermia is a more frequent cause of cystitis, as it reduces the body’s resistance and this leads to rapid reproduction of infection.

If the cold season is to dress for the season (mini-skirts, short jackets with a bare back, etc.), should allow cold feet or hands, and in hot – sit under the air conditioner, take a dip in the river, from symptoms of cystitis.

You should know that the infection can occur many years before disease onset.

The female urethra is short and wide. Near its external orifice is the vagina and the perineum, which is often infected with intestinal flora. Therefore, uncleanliness, especially in the period of sexual activity, is the cause of frequent and painful urination in small portions.

Cystitis is a nasty disease that causes often run to the toilet. Woman shy someone to consult, do not go to the doctor and trying to be treated herself, which leads to complications.

Sometimes under the guise of cystitis in women are hiding gynecological diseases or appendicitis with pelvic location of the Appendix, then medical help should be urgent.

Cystitis in children, causes.

Girls aged 1 to 6 years there are complaints of frequent urination. But this is not only due to hypothermia. In the urine of the child detect chlamydia, Trichomonas and other microorganisms, it is “not a baby”. Where did it come from?

During the promotion through the birth canal, the genitals of the newborn pick up the microbes of the mother who does not even know that an infected. For some time the pathogen do not manifest themselves, and then parents are forced to take the child to the doctor.

Infection can happen if the wrong cleaning girls.

Treatment of cystitis in children is not always easy, there are frequent relapses, requiring a long course specially selected antibacterial agent.

Cystitis during pregnancy.

In the later stages of pregnancy, frequent urination is common when the fetus presses on the bladder. But you should get tested urine, because this symptom may be a manifestation of cystitis and pyelonephritis.

Cystitis in men.

The older men cystitis is associated with the existing disturbance of outflow of urine. That patients with adenoma or cancer of the prostate as well as stones and bladder tumors. Urine always remains in the bladder due to incomplete emptying, promotes inflammatory process, it becomes a nutrient medium for reproduction of microorganisms. To cure cystitis, you must eliminate the underlying disease.

Young men suffer from cystitis is extremely rare – they have other urogenital diseases.

Cystitis in the elderly.

The older women cystitis is primarily associated with loss of female sexual organs, which are carried with the bladder.

In the period of acute phase of cystitis and other diseases of the genitourinary system often occurs withhold urine. You feel a strong urge to go to the toilet, it seems that here-here will burst the bladder, although the urine in the bladder may be only a few millimeters.

But don’t confuse failure with urinary incontinence. Incontinence urination is uncontrolled, the person does not even feel of the process, only wet clothes. It’s not cystitis. The incontinence is a sign of Zestaphoni, bladder prolapse, occurs when obesity, uterine fibroids, prolapse of female genital mutilation in difficult birth, after surgery of the prostate, etc.

Any, even the most innocuous instrumental examination of the bladder may be complicated by cystitis, with the introduction of the on hospital flora, extremely resistant to antibacterial agents. Therefore, to decide on such research should be in exceptional cases.


When the initial symptoms of cystitis need to go to the urologist and to hand over urine for bacteriological examination. This is done before the adoption of the first antimicrobial pills.

In addition to antimicrobial treatment used physiotherapy (UHF, paraffin, ozocerite, and others), which continue usually 7-10 days, until they become normal urine. Is used and acupuncture.

Untimely or improper treatment leads to kidney damage (pyelonephritis), when increased body temperature, lower back pain, the infection spreads in the deep submucosal layer and becomes chronic.

Cystitis. What to do when cystitis?
  1. 1. Drink at least 2 liters of fluid daily. After 5 days of treatment with antibacterial drugs for weeks, do the following. For 8 hours, drink 1 glass of liquid every hour. This prevents bacterial attachment to the bladder walls and flushes the urinary tract.
  2. 2. In the acute phase of the disease, to reduce the burning sensation when urinating, 2-3 times a day, drink soda cocktail – half Cup of water 1 tsp of baking soda. Even easier to use for this mineral water.
  3. You can use millet. In half-liter jar pour 1/3 of the washed millet, fill to top with boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. To drink twice a day. Is a burning sensation.
  4. 3. Eliminate from the diet irritating foods: smoked foods, spices, ketchup, sauces, pickles, and alcohol. Use vegetative antiseptics: cranberry, cowberry, bilberry. Make a tea from the leaves of cranberry, bearberry, celandine (1 tablespoon to make a glass of water), drink 1/3 Cup 3 times a day.
  5. 4. The required mode for frequent urination during treatment, because the stretching of the bladder impairs blood flow in it.
Cystitis. Prevention of cystitis:

For a long time is bad to hold your urine in a timely manner, empty bladder.

Women should not wear tight jeans. Italian Professor-the urologist says that if you wear jeans a size smaller – it starts with cystitis, and the two begin gynecological diseases.

Swimming in the water, coming ashore, be sure to change into dry clothes.

After each bowel movement and (if possible) of the bladder, women need to wash with soap and water, front to back – not to bring an infection in the urinary track.

Sex should empty the bladder after sexual intercourse to urinate. For women is prevention of cystitis, for men, to some extent, the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

When hypothermia if cold hands or feet, do not wait for the beginning of cystitis, and immediately take action. As soon as I come home take a shared hot tub or take hot baths for hands and feet. These measures will protect not only cystitis but also from cold.

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