Prostate disease, causes

Prostate disease is a group of pathologies with various causes, development and symptoms. And the prevalence of each of them is different. In this article we will look at the causes of benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis and prostate cancer.

The disease is prostate Adenoma – causes:

Adenoma – a benign tumor occurs in every second man after 50 years, and after 80 years each. At this age prostate enlargement is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the hormonal changes of the male body.

By reducing male sex hormones (testosterone) and the increase in the level of female hormones (estrogen) in the male body is prostate enlargement. But the disease can be considered when the prostate is not only increased, but also there is not a complete emptying of the bladder.

The prostate cancer develops in men, and sexually active and inactive. Adenoma not sick just castrated men.

Possible causes of adenoma doctors also believe that the increase in body weight, atherosclerosis, environment, stress, sedentary lifestyle.

Prostate disease – Prostatitis – causes:

Prostatitis more common group of diseases of the prostate. Some of them are caused by microorganisms: bacteria, fungi, pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases, which penetrate into the prostate through the urethra, when not observed the elementary rules of hygiene or transferred from the partner with the disease of the genital tract.

Is prostatitis without the participation of microbes: there is perineal pain and other discomfort, but inflammation in the prostate gland not. The reasons for this disease are: blood stasis in the pelvis (hemorrhoids), disruption of the normal rhythm of sexual life, sedentary lifestyle.

Important rules of prevention: observe personal hygiene, not SuperCool, remain faithful to their spouses and eliminate sex on the side. Sharply reduce in the diet of fatty and spicy foods, flavored alcohol and especially at night.

Disease of the prostate gland – prostate Cancer – reasons:

Prostate cancer, which affects men after 50 years, ranks first in mortality among all cancers. The reason is that patients seek help too late, they have gone far: there were problems in urination pain in the perineum, involuntary nocturnal erection. Output – in the early diagnosis of the disease, the necessity of mass screening of men after age 50.

But most of the prostate diseases can be cured and regain sexual function. It is important not only treated, but also to change their way of life. To take drugs on prescription.

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