Hemolytic jaundice in newborns

Hemolytic jaundice is mostly found in newborns and is caused by the rhesus or group incompatibility of blood of mother and child. A woman’s body begins to produce antibodies that are able to overcome the erythrocytes of the child. In the fetal form of this phenomenon can be very serious consequences, including death.

However, the situation can be resolved favorably, if the expectant mother will be attentive to their health. Constant monitoring by medical workers and addressing the root causes of this phenomenon will allow to save not only women’s health but also the life of her unborn baby.

How to protect your baby?

If a rhesus factor-the conflict became known at first pregnancy, you should not delay consultation with a doctor in a box. You need to immediately go to the hospital and take appropriate action.

However, even if the pregnancy passed without any problems, do not relax. The disease can manifest themselves later.

It is possible to distinguish according to the following criteria:

  • pale stools;
  • change the color of the skin to greenish-yellow;
  • the weakness of a baby;
  • restless sleep.

As a rule, the jaundice, the symptoms of which are described above, manifests itself for about 2-3 weeks after the appearance of the baby born. And the first thing a doctor will check is the efficiency of the liver of the child. Obstructive jaundice is mostly due to the violation of bile outflow caused by the cyst, pyloric stenosis, atresia and other disorders of region. Finally, the diagnosis can only specialist.

Despite her young age, the child will need to show the surgeon, and then subjected to ultrasound diagnostics. Of course, to conduct such procedures at such a tender age is not desirable, however, if to choose between disease and potential risk, it should be safe to choose the latter.

In addition to the jaundice of a newborn can affect the so-called parenchymatous form. Its causes are varied, but the danger is that the disease can be felt in waves: the child’s condition will then improve, then again to deteriorate. Hope for moments of relief is not worth it. You need to go to the district pediatrician and make further treatment exclusively within the hospital.

This form is characterized by a lag kid in mass, deterioration of General condition, as well as enlargement of the spleen and liver. In that case, if the jaundice has not yet made itself felt, but the likelihood of its development is very large, parents are advised to take as a basis for some preventive measures. The most effective way to protect a newborn is breast milk. It is scientifically proven that “early milk” acts as a laxative, allowing the feces and the bilirubin faster to leave the body.

Neonatal jaundice is much rarer, if the date of birth they most of the time they spend with their mother. Even despite the fact that all signs of rhesus-conflict.

Cure the disease

The use of drugs at such a small age can be not only dangerous, but completely ineffective. And it is a proven fact of science. From the traditional pills and injections need to completely give up, so as not to harm the health of the baby.

Effective treatment of the child can be only two methods:

  • by means of phototherapy;
  • by blood transfusion.

In the vast majority of cases neonatal jaundice is eliminated through systematic exposure to light. Thanks to this procedure, bilirubin is converted to water and quickly excreted from the body together with urine.

Throughout the period of treatment it is very important not to stop breastfeeding, because milk is a direct source of strength baby. In addition, exposure to light may cause allergic reactions, consisting in the appearance of the rash, drowsiness, and frequent stools. These manifestations should not be afraid, because they usually go away after a few days after cessation of treatment. Its duration is determined individually by the severity of the suprarenal jaundice, however in most cases it is approximately days.

It is extremely important for parents to see how faithfully complied with the procedure technology. Eyes and genitals of the baby have to be covered with a gauze to remove that for stay in Boxing is strictly prohibited! The reasons of violation of this rule should be more than good.

A more radical option of treatment is exchange blood transfusion is performed through the umbilical vein.

Assigned exclusively by the hemolysis of blood plasma and of the following issues:

  • anemia;
  • signs of brain damage;
  • too high bilirubin levels, threatening the child’s life.

When performing exchange blood transfusions in a kid’s body is first entered, and then displays approximately 2 circulating blood volume. This process is quite long, but at the end of the body displayed absolutely all the waste bilirubin.

Of course, transfusion is quite complicated and even dangerous procedure, fraught with many complications. However, if we are talking about the life of a little person, the choice is obvious.

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