Castor oil for constipation

On the effectiveness of castor oil is superior to such popular laxative foods like prunes, beets. The release of the intestine from accumulated in it of stool when constipatio is made possible by the irritation present in the walls of the body of the receptors responsible for the initiation of defecation.

The source is castor. The oil is yellowish with an unpleasant waxy taste and aroma is extracted from the seeds of the plant. Components the natural medicines are linoleic, oleic, ricinoleate acid, determining the properties of vegetable laxative. After contact with such substances in the digestive tract they bind to are present inside of the digestive tract soluble enzyme lipase, which breaks down and converts castor oil acids and fats into heat and energy.

To cure constipation able even severe digestive disorders when pharmaceutical drugs cannot cope with the disease. The oil helps soften present in the intestine of the masses, and configures the lower parts of the digestive system on the performance of motor functions through the strengthening of the reflex contractions.

A problem like constipation is familiar to everyone. Due to the lack of intestinal peristalsis is markedly deteriorating General condition, especially if constipation persists for several days. The body begins to poison the products of decomposition of food that leads to nausea, weakness, headaches. If you wish to dispense medicines is to remember castor oil, improves motility of the digestive system and triggering mechanism for gentle cleaning of the intestine.

Method of application differs for children and adults, so it is important to follow the dosage. For adults, it is shown not only in constipatio, but also for the treatment of acute hemorrhoids. Therapy is strictly fixed in time, as prolonged use of castor oil when constipated can result in habituation of the organism and immunity of other means such actions.

The method of application of castor oil is its ingestion in strict accordance with the instructions or the doctor, searching the dosage on an individual basis. To eliminate the negative side effects definitely need to pre-acquainted with contraindications. To see results in the form of urge to defecate, you can already after a couple of hours after ingestion, but sometimes the duration increases by 3-4 times.

A situation in which the castor oil is contraindicated

Instructions for use of castor oil for constipation stipulates contraindications in which it is impossible to drink the medicine, otherwise this method of treatment of constipatio can cause serious adverse events. Possible adverse reaction is due to the fact that the use of castor oil in certain situations, provokes the violation of salt metabolism and concomitant dehydration.

There are the following main contraindications:
  1. 1. Pregnancy, as due to its properties the oil is reduced simultaneously with the walls of the intestine muscles of the uterus, and this leads to the risk of miscarriage or premature birth.
  2. 2. Constipation, characterized by a chronic course.
  3. 3. The presence of intestinal acute inflammatory process.
  4. 4. Suspected intestinal or uterine bleeding.
  5. 5. Broken terrain.
  6. 6. The appearance of abdominal pain of unknown origin.

If you often drink oil constipation, can provoke serious digestive disorders in the form of enterocolitis or intestinal atony, which is extremely difficult to eliminate.

Adverse reactions

Castor oil can have on the body both positive and negative effects. Among minor adverse reactions isolated spasms in the abdomen, nausea, weakness and parish on the change of constipatio diarrhea. Usually such symptoms are fading away fast enough.

Marked more serious consequences such as vomiting, dizziness, the emergence of feelings of anxiety, failure of the cardiovascular system (arrhythmias), allergic reactions on the skin. In such cases you should immediately stop drinking castor oil and consult a specialist for advice.

Peculiarities of use of oil

You can buy helping with constipatio castor oil in capsule form or drinking a liquid oil solution, packaged in glass vials. Recommended in the enclosed manual dose drink once a day. The total duration of treatment is a maximum of three days. Adults can take oil for constipation from the number of capsules 15-30 or 15-30 grams of a liquid solution.

Children dose is calculated as follows:

  • Under two years of age – not more than 5 ml.
  • From 2 to 11 years old – maximum of 15 ml.
  • Over 12 years the dose is similar for adults.

For maximum effect in the treatment of constipation should take castor oil on an empty stomach. If you do not want a quick result, is used in conjunction with food. Because of the unpleasant taste means many are thinking what you can dilute the castor oil. The approved list of beverages is quite broad. The drug with, or immediately diluted in black, green tea, ginger drink. It is also possible to mix the castor oil with the juice of plums, orange, cranberry. As such, the taste is not felt, therefore, eliminate constipation possible with maximum comfort.

Another option for reducing discomfort at the use of castor oil is its drink chilled. For this capsule or the bottle of oil solution put in hours in the fridge, and then take the required dose in a pure form, drinking the above drinks.

If the reception does not provide the desired effect when the constipation should pass examination of the digestive system in General. The lack of action laxative may indicate a serious pathology, including life-threatening bowel obstruction, which is a contraindication to the use of funds and require surgical intervention.

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