The symptoms of constriction of the gallbladder

The gallbladder consists of 3 parts: neck, body and bottom. Abnormal development of one of them is called padding the gallbladder. In the absence of anomalies of the gallbladder of a person has a funnel-shaped or pear-shaped. If the problem is congenital, deal with it surgically.

Upon detection of anomalous development after years through diet and drugs. Hauling the gallbladder in a child pathology, to fix which at birth.

The factors contributing to the development anomalies

Trigger padding can different causes associated with the impaired development of organs and the consequences of poor lifestyle.

The main factors include:

  1. Inflammation, the localization of which is the gallbladder. It can be chronic or acute cholecystitis. Inflammation leads to the formation of adhesions, drawing the lumen of the bladder.
  2. Incorrect positioning of the internal organs or prolapse.
  3. Lifting weights. Sudden overload of the body leads to tightening of the gallbladder. A similar condition is common in older people and passing on their own.
  4. An improper diet. Prolonged fasting, alternating rich diet, lead to generation of large quantities of bile. Due to the lack of food in the hunger period accumulated raw material comes out from the bladder.
  5. The excitement during the meal. Strong nervous agitation and abundant food leads to the production of bile in large quantity. She does not have time to go into the intestines and accumulates in the bladder. Over time this leads to constriction.
  6. Stones in the gallbladder. Change the size and shape of the rocks provoke the formation of kinks and constrictions.

Man alone is able to prevent the development of the pathological process. It’s enough to avoid the above factors.

The symptoms of constriction of the gall bladder

To identify this issue can everyone who has noticed strange deviations in your state. Characteristic of gall bladder symptoms or disorders of the digestive tract. The victim pesters constant nausea. It can trigger anything, starting with fatty foods and to physical load. After the nausea appears a new symptom – vomiting. It develops on the background of a strong inflammatory process in the body.

For constriction of the gallbladder characterized by abdominal pain. Their main place of localization is the right upper quadrant. This process is associated with the stretching of the walls of the gallbladder. The pain can occur due to a blockage or falling into the ducts of stones. All the symptoms are related to each other and consistently manifested. One symptom provokes another, and so on increasing.

Intoxication caused by the annexation of the biliary peritonitis, leading to headaches, weakness and fever. Pain syndrome gradually covers the entire surface of the abdomen, the intensity of its maximum.

The lack of bile in the intestine leads to changes in color of stool: it becomes white. The appearance of the described symptoms it is advisable to call an ambulance.

Diagnosis of the disease

The main method of correct diagnosis is the ultrasonography. This study allows to evaluate the health of the gallbladder and the functional state of the organism as a whole. Ultrasound is aimed at identifying the localization of pathology, study.

Find out the causes of the pathological process is not so simple. Even a comprehensive diagnosis of the events causes some difficulties. It is necessary to define the nature of the pathology. It can be congenital or acquired. In this case, an ultrasound is performed before use of egg yolks and after. It was revealed that this product is able to influence the secretion of bile, causing it to intensive production. If hauling innate character of the deformation body is missing.

Exeprince pathology reveal the presence of the linear formations having different localization. To determine them by conducting lateral scanning. Hauling is often fixed in the transition of the body to the neck. The bile in the bladder is exonerating education. The study reveals the degree of dyskinesia, which is present in 80% of cases.

The elimination of the pathological process

If congenital constriction does not manifest itself, the person can live with this anomaly all his life. It is common to find pathology in children and immediately remove it. Adults, surgical intervention is assigned less frequently. If you have negative symptoms treatment is usually medication. Gastroenterologists prefer choleretic drugs. Most often prescribed: Flamin, Odeston, Aristogel, Hofitol and Tsikvalon. The optimal dosage is selected by the doctor depending on the patient’s condition.

In addition to medications, particular importance is diet. Its main objective is the normalization of the outflow of bile. Power during exacerbation of the situation must be special. Preference is given to a correct and easily digestible food. The diet includes a list of prohibited and permitted products.

It is not recommended to eat sweets: this includes sugar, jam and honey. Confectionery and flour products are banned. Will have to give up and fatty foods: excessive fat provokes inflammatory processes in the body.

Allowed to eat stew and boiled vegetables. Raw should be abandoned. Milk products will allow you to normalize the flow of bile.

Attention should be paid on yogurt, kefir and fermented baked milk. Useful eating pumpkins and pumpkin seeds. Proper nutrition combined with effective medicines – the key to a happy and healthy life for the child and for the adult.

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