Tablets while concussion

When there is a concussion, injured vessels. Such violations are dangerous to human health. Occurs traumatic brain injury in a strong blow or falling. You need to seek help in medical institution. Yourself without a doctor’s prescription to use tablets while concussion is not recommended. You first need to be examined and then treated properly.

Causes and symptoms

When concussion happens, the damage of brain tissue, blood vessels and nerves. Any person can occur in a variety of unpleasant occasions. Citizen can fall and hit the skull on the floor, this leads to concussion.

The reasons, for which there is a traumatic brain injury:

  • if there is a blow to the head;
  • under heavy braking the car;
  • with fainting or epileptic seizures;
  • jump from a great height.

When there is brain injury, he shifted and then returned to the place. In the upshot, as the vessels and tissue of the skull.

Symptoms can be of different nature depends on the severity. A lot depends on the location of the damage to the nerve endings and blood vessels. In concussion the patient can be as few signs and one. A person may even lose consciousness for a few minutes. It happens that in some patients, does not faint, but felt a slight stupor. There is often a loss of memory at the time of injury.

There are three types of severity. When light occurs slightly disturbed reflexes, and there is confusion. After such an injury occurs headache and dizziness can also be nausea and vomiting. As a rule, within twenty minutes, the symptoms can disappear. If the patient does not see sense to go to the doctor, but even a mild concussion can cause complications.

In mild cases, the victim loses consciousness for a period of up to fifteen minutes, thus there is loss of memory, changes the heart rate and breathing, impaired equilibrium, and constricts the pupils.

Severe can cause loss of consciousness for up to six hours and lead to coma. Occurs unbearable headache, impaired thinking and speech, also vomiting and cramps. May have amnesia of events.

To diagnose a concussion, the expert takes into account the symptoms that are suitable to a certain extent. Then he assigns the correct and effective treatment.


If the symptoms appear when there was a concussion, the urgent need to seek help from doctors. In case of severe injury call an ambulance, and hospitalization of the patient. When the concussion specialist may refer the patient for a visit to the traumatologist, the neurosurgeon or neurologist. Don’t forget this is the period when the symptoms do not subside for a long time. Then there is a sharp deterioration of the patient if there is a hematoma in the brain. For this and need to see a doctor, no matter what kind of head trauma was obtained. To conduct a survey, you must first inspect the patient.

Further assigned the following treatments:

  1. MRI is more accurate diagnosis, it helps to examine the center of the nervous system. But to find the skull fracture, this method will not help.
  2. CT gives a clear picture of the skull. Diagnose computer tomography contusions, hematomas, and foreign bodies.
  3. Neurosonography is an ultrasound of the head, lets you know about the condition of the ventricles of the brain. Using this procedure, you can find out where there is injury, to detect brain swelling.
  4. Radiography is prescribed to almost all patients with concussion. Identifies this method of investigation of fractures of the head.
  5. Lumbar puncture – in this study takes the analysis of cerebrospinal fluid. The procedure is done in cases of suspected inflammation or bleeding.

To avoid complications, should be promptly referred to a medical facility, even if the brain injury was insignificant. Specialist will help to diagnose and will prescribe a comprehensive treatment.


If there was mild or moderate severity of injury, the injections are replaced by tablets from concussion of the head. The use of medication, will depend on the nature of pain and its intensity.

Assigned the following names of drugs:

  1. Analgesics, such as Baralgin, Aspirin, they are designed to remove different headache, when shaking. These medicines not only help to remove the pain, but also eliminate the spasms.
  2. Nootropic substances, such as Glycine, Pericytes, they help to restore brain activity. If you take these drugs, they improve the memory, speech and mental activity.
  3. Betaserc and Tanakan help to cope with extreme dizziness.
  4. Diacarb and Furosemide, is a diuretic medication. They are appointed in that case, if the patient has high blood pressure, or there is a risk that will occur swelling of the brain.
  5. Metoclopramide and Reglan: this medication is used in the concussion, when there is severe vomiting or nausea.
  6. Tranquilizers such as Phenazepam and Sibazon used only under the supervision of a physician. They are addictive, so they are prescribed if other drugs do not bring any result. They help to cope with stress or depression.
  7. Sedatives such as Sedalin and Valokordin apply if there are any emotional excitement or sleep problems.

The above drugs are prescribed only by the attending physician. He can make a correct dosage of pills. Therapy can take place both at home and in the hospital. A specialist also may have to drink a vitamin complex, it helps to restore the nerve fibers.

Implications and rehabilitation

A concussion has a greater risk. In such cases, symptoms disappear before the healing of damaged tissues. When the patient feels relieved, thinking that finally recovered. Some make a big mistake, they do not fulfill the recommendations of a specialist. Therefore, this leads to adverse consequences in the future. Complications may occur as in a couple of years and a few months, and sometimes they remain until the end of life.

People who got the concussion, you may experience severe headache. Is sleep disturbance, and patients concerned about the nightmares. When exercise begins to feel dizzy. The patient may become sensitive to the weather and bad to tolerate cold and heat. The patient may weaken immunity, and then he will often sick viral diseases. There is often intolerance of alcohol and cigarettes, this is manifested in a severe headache. The man begins to tire quickly, and can cause aggression and irritability. Can also decrease memory and thinking. If frequent cramps and spasms in the muscles, it can develop into epilepsy.

To not get consequences, you need at least the first year to avoid stressful situations. You need to give up physical activity. Don’t forget to consult with the attending physician. Helps therapeutic exercise, assign it can only specialist, as self can harm your health. You need to follow proper diet and routine.

You should never do self-medication, it can lead to serious consequences. If it so happened that there was a concussion, you should immediately seek help at a health facility. The doctor can prescribe the correct and effective treatment, this will avoid complications.

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