Features diet in coxarthrosis

Coxarthrosis of the hip joint is a progressive structural and functional wear of the hinge joint in combination with degenerative phenomena. Basic symptoms – pain, impairment of gait and limitations of making motor acts.

At this disease are generally developing household difficulties squatting on his haunches, pinching shoes, the process of getting up from the seat area. Algicheskom syndrome regresses after the so-called warm-up and intensifitsiruetsa after the rest of astroelite. In some embodiments, occurs claudication, which is caused by algea or formation of contractures and reduce the length of the legs.

The therapy begins with conservative treatment. The basic purpose it performs normalization of metabolic processes in chondrules fabric astroelite.

An important role is given to chondromodulators (Structum, intra-articular administration of Sinorama, teraflex, etc.). To normalize microcirculatory in the articular area, as well as its chandraleha layer shown vascular equipment.

Antioxidant medications reduce the production of free radicals and contribute to inhibition of cartilage destruction. This metabolic treatment in the case of a complex action (NSAIDs or funds on the basis of corticosteroids, inductothermy, magnetic and laser therapy, UHF, Spa therapy) have a pretty good impact.

In the initial stages of pathology 1 and 2 degrees at the end of therapy the patient noted significant improvement in combination with lower intensity (sometimes even the lack) of pain sensation. In the case of progressing of the patient is tormented by pain syndrome as when fiznagruzki and alone.

3 peculiar destruction of the articular cartilage and reduction of the width of the joint space. If 4-Oh is observed, the total lack of chandraleha layer, the splicing of bone structures and the inability of the Commission of motor acts in the hip joint. Therapeutic effect short-lived or reduced to zero. In this case, the recommended different types of surgical treatment.

Deprecated products

The diet of the patient should be directed to the reduction of body weight. However, different diets have short-term exposure and after a certain period, when the patient returned to the previous diet, then the weight comes back to the previous indicators, and often large.

Therefore it is necessary to radically transform lifestyle and diet, with it forever to abandon the usual grocery preferences:

  • You should abandon smoked food, conservation, fast food, fried foods, sweets, bakery products (up to reduce the consumption of bread), fatty foods.
  • Reduce salt intake (no more than one teaspoon per day). Meals must be prepared without adding salt, and desalinate already before the actual use. It is important to limit (or even remove from the diet) product with increased content of salt (salting of vegetable and fish, meat delicacies, sausages, cheese, salted eggs, etc.).
  • To withdraw from its own menu, animal fats, entering, on the contrary, in the diet of unrefined vegetable, no more than two tablespoons a day, and only salads and cereals.
  • Cream pastry, pastries, walnut-chocolate paste, ice cream, dessert based on butter and cream, cereal, corn, chips, sweet and alkogolsoderzhaschih drinks.
  • Fatty fish, red caviar and black.
Recommended products

You need your diet to enrich the following products:

  • Foods with a low glycemic index: green beans, greens (including green onion, lettuce), cabbage, beans (always green), broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, celery, sprouted soybeans, beans and wheat, spinach and radishes.
  • Rich in pectin: grapefruit, different varieties of apples (in any treatment), and currants.
  • Follow a low-fat foods (fish, lean meat, dairy with a low fat concentration).
  • Sufficient fluid intake – at least half to two liters. While drinking water volume allows you to cheat your appetite.
  • Weekly (one day) fasting day.

The right diet needs for a patient to become a habit, and thus it is important to eat continuously. And only in this case the efforts of the patient will be successful.

The second challenge diet acts as the restoration and maintenance of homeostatic indicators in articular chondrules layer.

5-6-one-time ingestion of food products, including snacks, to prevent feelings of hunger, and this can always occur with a limited carbohydrate consumption and correction of the diet toward a plant-dairy diet.

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