Video game addiction made a medical diagnosis

The world health organization (WHO) recognized the excessive gaming is a real disease. Now too active gamers in some countries can get a diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

But do not rush to write his friends in gambling addiction – this diagnosis applies to a small number of people with serious disorders.

Gambling (we are not talking about gambling) in the interpretation of who is characterized by the following symptoms, which usually go in sequence:

  1. Violation of the regime for Hobbies games.
  2. Games receive the highest priority in a person’s life, replacing the basic needs of the individual in society.
  3. Increased gambling, despite negative consequences in a person’s life. The individual loses control over their actions, worsening his social position and moral health, and yourself to stop playing he can’t due to evolved dependence.

She video game addiction is determined mainly by the “gambling method”. According to the who, dependence in the context of the game – a violation caused by addictive is a marked and clinically significant syndrome; is a discomfort or interference in personal and social life of man; it develops as a result of repeated actions not connected with the consumption of dependence-forming substances; involves the violation of behavior in the online space, and in real life.

“Gaming disorder” and its symptoms with the consequences already listed in the International classification of diseases from 18 June 2018. However, we should not blame all their friends gamers in a gambling addiction. The representatives of who, in particular Dr. Vladimir Poznyak, noted that the prevalence of the disease is extremely low even among millions of players around the world of people.

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