Going to warm countries, in the early days you will be sick

This leads to cooling and reduced fluid loss. Adaptation to high altitude conditions includes an increase in hemoglobin in the blood, in order to more efficiently feed tissues with oxygen, which is not enough in the air, ”explains Fedor Katasonov. That is why acclimatization is mainly of interest to specialists from the point of view of exacerbation of cardiovascular diseases or, for example, from the point of view of the body’s ability to withstand certain physical activities.

However, we will not argue that people often get sick after moving. There are several hypotheses with which this may be associated. First: the road itself is to blame. Airports and train stations are terrible breeding grounds for infections. The second hypothesis: exposure to ultraviolet radiation (in large quantities, it can weaken the immune system). Third: the failure of the biological clock (with long-haul flights) – this can negatively affect immunity.

As a matter of fact. Acclimatization is the process of adapting the body to new climatic conditions, but there is no evidence that it makes a person more vulnerable to viral diseases. According to the pediatrician Fedor Katasonov, acclimatization is considered as adaptation to changes in temperature or other conditions, for example, to changes in altitude (and, accordingly, the level of oxygen in the air).

“The adaptation of thermoregulation to hot conditions consists in changing the functioning of the cardiovascular system (increasing heart rate and decreasing stroke volume of the heart), kidneys (decreasing salt in urine and urine volume), sweat glands (increasing sweating and decreasing salt in sweat), blood vessels ( expansion).

In order not to get sick at the very beginning of the vacation (at least significantly reduce the risks), follow these simple recommendations:

  • wash your hands (if this is not possible, use a sanitizer) and please do not touch your face with dirty hands. It’s better not to touch him again;
  • drink enough water and limit the time spent in the sun ;
  • use sunscreens;
  • rest and relax. Provide yourself with a full night’s sleep (if you suffer from jetlag, you can take melatonin).
Instagram blogger posing as a biochemist and promoting unsafe “treatment” schemes

In her popular blog, Elena gives a variety of medical recommendations: from methods to combat acne to pregnancy management and treatment of constipation. Elena allegedly gives her education the right to engage in such a practice: she claimed that she graduated from Anhalt University with a master’s degree in biology, Munich Technical University with a degree in organic chemistry, is a PhD student (graduate student) at the National University of Singapore and promotes advanced science. However, it turned out that things are different.

A rebuttal on the RBC website (now the article has been deleted) says:

“Together with Talantov and Gelfand, the editorial board of RBC Style conducted an internal investigation to establish whether Elena Kornilova really has a specialized education. Requests were made to educational institutions and official responses were received from the National University of Singapore and the Munich Technical University. The representative of the first educational institution said that Elena Kornilova is not a student of the university, the representative of the second – that she did not study in it and can not be considered a genuine diploma. Having received this information, we decided to delete the article. We apologize to the readers. ”

On the website ” Medfront ” Peter Talents published an investigation with a detailed analysis of the medical practices that Elena offers. Here is a small (but most frightening) passage from his article:

“Posts usually come down to recommending schemes: a huge amount of food additives. The scheme contains 28 tablets for women preparing for pregnancy and 26 for pregnant women. Part – drugs that do not have any evidence of effectiveness against anything. Part – substances whose effect on pregnancy is not well understood.

“The benefits of taking supplements have not been found, but it will not get worse,” some Elena subscribers may think. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Among the recommendations are dietary supplements containing chromium. Chromium supplements are not recommended for pregnant women! Several studies have shown that higher chromium concentrations in expectant mothers are associated with preterm birth and lower fetal weight. In the same scheme, there is a Liver Support supplement containing a yellow root plant.

This plant is rich in biologically active alkaloids, in particular berberine. Supplements with yellow root are considered unsafe for pregnant women. Berberine taken by the mother crosses the placental barrierand can cause nuclear jaundice (brain damage caused by a high amount of indirect bilirubin in the blood) in the fetus or in the newborn when breastfeeding. It has also been proven that in rats, berberine causes uterine contractions and increases the risk of tumors. ”

Dear readers, please never be treated for online recommendations! It can be dangerous to your health.

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