Causes and treatment of leg cramps in the elderly

The cause of leg cramps in the elderly is not a single factor which is revealed at all. Because seizures are of three types – clonic, tonic or mixed, and they occur for various reasons, reveal that can only be a specialist after a series of tests.

What are the differences between the three types of twitch? In the first case, they last a short time, but it affects different muscles. In the second case, the spasms can continue for several hours, my feet just freeze in one position and make them people can not do anything.

In the third type is dominated by either the first or second type. Also, this pathology can be divided into the idiopathic form, when the symptoms often occur at night and are not symptoms of any disease, and secondary, which is the result of some pathology.

Why is this happening

Leg cramps at night often appear for the following reasons:

  1. Intramuscular injection just before bedtime.
  2. Alcoholism.
  3. Circulatory disorders in the legs, especially for people suffering from varicose veins or thrombosis of the lower extremities.
  4. Muscle weakness due to inactivity.
  5. A low metabolism.
  6. Lack of vitamins, minerals, especially calcium and phosphorus.

But there are also triggering factors that also should be considered. Among them most often detected improper diet, excessive drinking coffee and tea, stress, emotional tension.

The cause of leg cramps in an older person can become medicines. This is mainly diuretics, which are necessary for removing excess fluid from the body and is assigned at elevated pressure.

Also causes can be statins, which help to control cholesterol. This may also include drugs for older women that are necessary for the prevention of osteoporosis in menopause. They often contain hormones, which leads to the appearance of the symptom.

If irregularities in the muscle tissue appear when taking a medication, this should definitely inform your doctor. Maybe you should change the dosage or even cancel the medication and replace it with another.

It is proved that cramps in the feet of elderly man appear in the result of some serious diseases. It is varicose veins of the legs, diabetes, liver disease and kidney failure, problems with the thyroid gland, inflammatory processes and trauma.

As manifest

Leg cramps in older people may occur for a variety of reasons and will depend on them all the treatment, but they have their own signs. First and foremost is the pain and swelling and redness and a tingling sensation in the legs.

Occurs muscle tension and limb numbness. In the most severe cases may appear against the darkening of the eyes. If this happens loss of consciousness, it indicates the development of epilepsy.

If the cramps are very strong, without medical care is not enough. It is necessary to immediately call an ambulance and while she goes to try to calm the person, ask him to breathe and completely relax.

First aid for seizures involves rubbing and kneading the limbs. Often do it yourself does not work, so the victim may need assistance. However, to do this for varicose veins is prohibited.

Another proven method is to pull the foot for themselves. This helps to stretch the muscle and the spasm passes. Can be applied to this area, and ice. It is also recommended to get up and walk across the floor barefoot.

How to get rid of

Than to relieve leg cramps in the elderly? It all depends on the reasons for their occurrence. If it’s a calcium deficiency, and find out by blood test results, prescribers for its replenishment. In addition to calcium, it is necessary to take medicines, which contain vitamin B6 and D3.

In the full course of treatment consists of muscle relaxants. Also, the patient must regularly make infusions and decoctions of Valerian, which helps normalize the nervous system.

If there are varicose veins, be sure to assign caffeine, vanillin, vasocet, rotoscoping.

Reserves of potassium and magnesium in the body can make this tool as asparkam, the analogue of which is the cure Panangin. Cure for leg cramps in older people may be paracetamol. Aspirin without prescription use in the elderly should not be.

As prophylaxis it is recommended to adjust the diet every day to do exercises for stretching muscles, not to overwork the legs and to choose the right shoes.

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