Hidradenitis (bitch Tits) – causes, symptoms, treatment, prevention.

Many, especially in the summer, is the inflammation of the axillary sweat glands, which are popularly called “bitch Tits”. In medicine, the disease is called hidradenitis or purulent inflammation of the sweat glands.

It often occurs in the armpits, at least in the region of the navel, in the groin and perineum. The disease is long, often acute, can become chronic. What are the causes of inflammation and how it is treated?

Hidradenitis reasons why:
  1. 1. Predisposed to the disease hidradenitis people with a weakened organism (immunity) in depressive condition.
  2. 2. Failure to comply with personal hygiene conditions are favorable for pyogenic bacteria and their penetration in the ducts of sweat glands.
  3. 3. Excessive sweating and rash.
  4. 4. Small injuries of the skin, produced by the shaving of the hair in the armpits may also be a causes of hidradenitis.
  5. 5. Scratching dermatitis.
  6. 6. Means of hair removal.
  7. 7. Disease: obesity, diabetes.
  8. 8. Hypothermia.
The symptoms of hidradenitis:

Initially, there is itching, then the skin appears one, sometimes several dense painful nodules, size of a pea. Then they quickly grow to the size of a walnut and are in the form of a nipple. Often inflamed and surrounding fatty subcutaneous tissue that leads to redness in the glands. There is a strong pain, fever, chills and weakness. Gradually, the swelling softens, opened a hole and pus. The whole cycle lasts 10-15 days. But when infected with pus a neighboring sweat glands, the process can take a month or more.

Hidradenitis treatment:

At the onset of symptoms of hidradenitis should immediately contact the surgeon to scheduled treatment, or the development of purulent inflammation will cause abscess. Urgently opened the abscess, allowing you to avoid serious complications such as sepsis, lymphadenitis, abscess.

With conservative treatment the skin is treated with antiseptic solutions, superimpose bandage with sintomitsinovoy emulsion and other ointments, are assigned a dry heat, physical therapy, immunotherapy, antibiotics.

Hidradenitis treatment at home:
  1. 1.Wipe skin morning and evening with an infusion of oak bark (1 table. L. per Cup of boiling water).
  2. 2.Inflamed skin can be wiped with camphor or boric alcohol, a weak solution of potassium permanganate.
  3. 3.With the appearance of serious signs of hidradenitis used a decoction of the collection of herbs: calendula, plantain, eucalyptus. For this 1 table. spoon mixture of herbs in equal amounts and boil 5 minutes in 300 ml of water, to insist, to add to the strained broth 2 teaspoon of tincture of calendula or eucalyptus, and 1 table. L. honey. Decoction drink per day, divided into 4 times. The course of treatment 15 – 20 days.

But should warn that it should not be long to self-medicate, the best time to go to the doctor to prevent the spread of infection.

Hydradenitis – food:

When hidradenitis from the diet excludes spicy seasonings and alcohol, limit sweets. We recommend taking vitamins C, A, E, B1, B2, B6, iron, phosphorus, and foods containing these vitamins: rose hips, berries, carrots, cabbage, apples. And tools that increase immunity: tincture of Eleutherococcus and ginseng, brewer’s yeast, sea buckthorn oil.

Prevention of hidradenitis:
  • – Important conditions for the prevention of hidradenitis include: personal hygiene of the body and hyperhidrosis. Useful articles:
  • – In the armpits and crotch where the most likely development of hidradenitis, you need to carefully wash the skin with soap and water, wipe dry, and then once a day wipe with antiseptic solution. For preparation of antimicrobial solution will need half a Cup of water and teaspoon of tincture of calendula or eucalyptus (drug alcohol).
  • You should pay attention on deodorants – some of them can provoke inflammation of the sweat glands. Before using new, unusual deodorant, you first need to grease a small area in the armpit. The appearance of a burning sensation or irritation of the skin – discard it.
  • – Clothes should not be too tight and synthetic.
  • – Lead a healthier lifestyle, to monitor the level of immunity.
  • – Hardening of the body, especially the dousing with cold water.
  • – To cure the possible foci of purulent infection, e.g., cystitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, otitis, and others. The fact that pyogenic germs may be recorded with the current of blood in any organ, including the glands of the armpits.

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