How to get rid of scars and stretch marks

Kollost is a drug that stimulates the active migration of fibroblast cells that produce their own collagen fibers and hyaluronic acid. The drug evens and raises the bottom of wrinkles or folds, tightens the skin and reduces the severity of scar tissue. The primary effect can be seen already a month and a half after the start of the course, under the influence of which a new collagen framework will be developed.

Kollostoterapiya is a procedure of introduction of the Kollost gel. The course of such procedures will help fill the lack of collagen in the skin and stimulate its synthesis; plus the gel will fill the voids in the dermis. All this will provide smooth and supple skin for at least a year.

Over the past 30 years, dozens of techniques have appeared in cosmetology and aesthetic medicine that would allow you to get rid of wrinkles, post-acne and stretch marks. One of the most popular is the use of fillers. These are fillers that the doctor inserts deep under the skin and thus fills the wrinkles from the inside and for a while makes up for the missing volume of the skin.

If the fillers are no longer working or you want to get a longer lasting result, the Kollost gel will help. It is a natural injectable collagen that provides natural tissue repair. Collagen is a protein that is responsible for skin elasticity and speed of recovery. Studies show that collagen deficiency is the main cause of skin fiber degradation. As a result of this process, wrinkles appear, elasticity is lost and the quality of the skin is reduced.


Although collagen creams and serums are now quite popular, they are practically worthless. Their only function is good hydration. Therefore, in order to feel significant changes in the quality of the skin, collagen must be administered subcutaneously. This is how colloid therapy works.

Thanks to the dense gel-like structure, Kollost fills the space in the correction area and thus smoothes wrinkles and evens out scars. An aseptic wound process takes place in the area of ​​drug administration, and this stimulates the body’s reaction – new collagen molecules are formed to heal the lesions.

Collagen injections are more effective because the molecules of this substance are able to penetrate the level of the basement membrane, where the scar tissue or the bottom of the wrinkle lies. This can only be done by injection.

Lack of rehabilitation period

Another plus of Klost is the absence of the need to spend time on recovery. After the procedure, it will take only a few minutes to recover. Moreover, colloid therapy is used as a rehabilitation option after more aggressive cosmetic procedures – chemical peels, resurfacing, deep pore cleaning and so on.


“Kollost” contains natural type I collagen, which is as close as possible in structure and composition to the collagen that the human body produces. The effectiveness and safety of the Kollost gel is recognized in surgery and dentistry: the drug is used to restore congenital and acquired defects in bone and soft tissues, treat chronic wounds, and so on.

It is important to remember that, like any injection procedure, colloid therapy has a number of contraindications.

These are infectious diseases, skin diseases in the acute stage, individual intolerance to drugs, pregnancy, lactation, blood diseases, taking blood thinners, keloid scars.

Long lasting effect

Kollost has a wide range of applications: the gel is effective for restoring the skin not only on the face, but also on the neck, chest, arms, legs, stomach. After several procedures, scars and striae will become almost invisible. And if in the case of wrinkles on the face the effect of colloid therapy is enough for a year, then in the case of striae and scars everything is a little different.

A stria or stretch is an atrophic scar. You need to understand that no technique gives 100% of the result of scar correction. But due to the stimulation of the synthesis of the collagen frame and normalization of the scar tissue, we see an improvement in the appearance of the stria: this is manifested in smoothing the scar, raising it and reducing the depth. When we carry out such a procedure for the correction of scars, we achieve a lifelong effect. If we talk about anti-aging procedures, the effect of the course usually lasts for a year.
Can be combined with other procedures

Kollost gel is not only an effective anti-wrinkle preparation, but also an ideal preparation for preparing the skin for other beauty treatments. For example, in combination with colloid therapy, chemical peeling gives a faster and more noticeable anti-aging effect.

Collostotherapy is a great option for those who are not ready to go to a plastic surgeon, but want to achieve quick results.

In complex work, in combination with other methods, Kollost gives more pronounced and faster correction results. In addition, colloid therapy can be used to improve the result of correction of scars after laser resurfacing and to restore skin after other types of aggressive effects.

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